Sunday, March 18, 2007

"They" don't exist

Stupid to think it but there is no "they".

You know..."they".

What will "they think?"

What will "they do?"

What will "they say?"

The great intimidator, the overseer of life on earth as we know it. They.

They, who control all and see all and pass judgement on all.

Just who are "they?"

Here's a hint.

Look in a mirror and you'll see.

They is inside of you.

It's the person who judges your every move.

And if you area afraid that "they" will be offended by what you do, then ask yourself why do it if it offends YOU.

Friday, March 02, 2007

Al Gore and Bill Clinton

This week I had the opportunity to go to see lectures on the Univ. of Miami campus. On Wed. 2/28 Al Gore spoke on Global Warming, and on 3/1 Bill Clinton spoke about International Inerdependence.

Both were dynamic speakers, but i must admit Gore was livier and funnier. I thought as I watched his slides and heard him speak of the effects of greenhouse gasses on the planet, that I would have liked to take a class with him when he taught at Vanderbilt. He presented the facts clearly and made me understand what we can and should do to prevent an unfolding catrostophic event. (It also made me want to buy land in the mountains so that when Miami is 40 feet underwater I will have some place to go.)

Bill Clinton could hardly be as funny about the topic on which he spoke. There is nothing funny about division and strife among nations. I never realized how much more effective restraint and diplomacy are in international situations. As those who would make war brag and bluster about conquests and victories, the real heros of the world are those who make peace.

It has given me a lot to think about this week.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

No third term

One of the over the top professors has had the grand idea to supply baseball caps to the students who will be attending the Clinton speach at the Honors Convocation today at UM.

I find the hats offensive on a number of levels, because they are supposed to refer to Hillary Clinton's run for election as president in 2008. However I confronted some of the dispensers of these free hats and asked, "Is that to remind dumb Republicans that "W" can't run for a 3rd term of office."

Needless to say they defended their hats by acusations that Hillary ran the Country for 8 years while her husband was the elected president. When people are that stupid as to believe that then I said what had to be said "Get your head out of your butt."

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