Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Time to write again

To get my mind off of the situation at hand  have decided to write again.

A mystery? No, I hate mysteries because I always know the end.

Biography?  No, I have secrets I want kept.

Romance.  Since there are only 11 (count 'em, 11) plot variations of a romance novel, and I know them all I'd rather stretch my imagination to another form of writing.

A novel.


Life on earth and why we've fucked it up.

So It may take me some time to put it all on paper, or shall I say, on computer, but it will give me something to do.


My first professional job after college was as a general assignment reporter for a weekly newspaper in Pittsburgh.  This was during the Nixon administration.

What people were never told about Nixon was how he suppressed information by limiting the news that came out of the White House.

He cut the size of the press room.  He limited the papers who could attend his infrequent press conferences and he actually "gave out" questions to be asked at he press conference and assigned specific reporters to ask them.  I know it looked like he was selecting reporters when they raised their hands during a press conference, but it was a ruse.  His selections were predetermined.

What if a "selected" reporter asked more than the question he was permitted to ask?  In other words, if the reporter went "off script?"  Easy, not only was He/his press credentials revoked but the paper or news bureau he represented was barred from all future White House briefings.

Why am I bringing this up? Well let's just say that the new president will most likely do some similar  weeding of the press corps.  Will the public ever find out? Only if someone who is not a journalist leaks the information via social media.  So expect a lot of Fox news and conservative voices coming from the press corps, that is, if the new president even allows press conferences during his term in office.

Monday, November 14, 2016

Americans are stupid

I think after this election we shoud change the name of the country to the "divided States of America."

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