Thursday, September 03, 2009

"I don't recognize this country"

I am frankly sick to death of those ignorant naysayers who take every opportunity to cry in public making our elected President look like he's a cross between Che and Hitler.

They are always quoting their "rights" under the constitution, but few of them have ever read more than a "sound byte" provided by some political organization. They know they are right and they know their God given "rights".

Well, duh.

God didn't grant us these rights - our democratic republic did. If God granted them, without a doubt, every country in the world would have the same rights.

Can you tell me what's so bad about a President addressing school children and trying to encourage them to stay in school and set goals for themselves? Is it only a bad idea when a Democrat does it? Or was it equally as horrific an idea when Ronald Regan or George H. W. Bush did it?

When the Republican presidents spoke to the children did they spread partisan philosophy about education and the American way of life? How about "Just say no". Is that part of a general partisan philosophy driven home to all school aged children by the Republican administration?

I thought we'd rid ourselves of ignorance when "W" vacated the White House. I guess I was wrong, the "W" virus spread, it was not contained.

Well what did I really expect? These are the same people who were dumb enough to vot for him in the first place.

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