Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Box lunches? Really Donnie...

Ok let me get this straight. You want to replace Food Stamps ( the EBT cards) with boxes of food delivered to recepients?  And what kind of food will be in those boxes?  And just how will this save the country money?

Will there be fresh fruits and vegetables? How about lettuce and tomatoes for salads?

 Will there be eggs and cheese and milk products like fresh milk and yogurt ?

Will there be bread? Rice?  Dried beans? Potatoes? Oatmeal? cold cereal?

Will there be salt, pepper, butter, flour, jelly? How about syrup and waffle mixes, will those be included? Or will you substitute cooking oil and lard for butter?

Will there be baby food?  Will there be low sodium food? Sugar free foods?  Or will all the meats be canned with a high sodium content?  Will the boxes contain canned hams, canned chicken, canned roast beef  and Spam?Will the only fish be canned tuna, salmon and sardines?

Will all packages be the same or will adjuctments be made for people with health issues, like peanut allergies, lactose intolerance, glueten sensitivity?

All that high sodium food will likely cause many medical issues, like high blood pressure .  And because you are dismantling health care and Obamacare the poor will have less access to the health care they need to fix their problems.

As far as I can tell all this does is make poor people more vulnerable and MORE dependent on the government to supply their EVERY need.  So your "final solution" is much more subtle than Hitlers. You take away the safety nets, force the poor to depend on foods that will make them sick and then allow them to die of "natural causes".

Mr. Trump, Aldolph would be proud.

Saturday, February 10, 2018

I can't understand

Can someone explain to me why the Republicans are protecting Donald J. Trump and supporting him even though they realize he is causing this country great harm?

 Who is blackmailing them into support and submission?

Do the Russians really hold that much power that they dictate everything that's shappening?

Is Putin a master manipulator?

I can't fathom the reasoning of a set of individuals who are supposed to be representing the welfare of the citizen of the United States allowing so much deception.

Does someone have a clue?

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