Sunday, November 27, 2011

getting old

I made a comment on facebook because someone said she was on line on Black Friday because it was more convienent and she hated crowds. I got blasted for starting a debate when I said that cyber shopping was less safe and secure than the person thought.

This person and her friends who agreed with her is a young 30 something.

This is also the kind of young lady who bemoans the lack of storefronts in the neighborhood and the demise of a nice downtown shopping area. You know, the small town feel, the lack of small businesses.

These are the kinds of people who can't connect the dots. They don't see the cause and effect. They cyber shop but they don't see the fact that storefronts can't exist when they don't have walk in customers. No customers, no profit and eventually no store.

But shoping in brick and motar stores are less convienent.

And for saying so I get told not to make waves and start a debate.

They still don't connect the dots.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


People don't get it.

It's not about the money.

It's about LIES.

It's about intregity.

It's about trust.

We beleived that the banks were going under, through their own fault mind you, but still... it would impact us all negatively.

So we allowed the governement to bail them out.

The thought behind it was that if the government GAVE them money the banks would use it as they were supposed to - lending it to people who needed to borrow it to create jobs.

But that's not how it went.

The banks took the money - paid themselves - and sat on the rest because theyw ere afraid to take a risk.

So they got rich and we got nothing.

THAT is what OWS is about.

Lack of moral fiber and intregity.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Gingrich plays with himself

Games that is. A shell game.

He has a way to make money from one of his endeavors, to pay another of his foundations, to donate to his campaign finances. Just within the law,all legal, but it's a shell game he collects money for one purpose and then he redirects it for another purpose altogether.

Rachael Maddow had it all mapped out on her show on Thursday or Friday. It shows how Gingrich manipulates donations moving them around so that what one thinks donations are being used for isn't where it ends up. Where does the money end up? In a war chest for Gingrich's potential run for office.

My personal opinion is that Gingrich is about equal to Herman Cain, only with more political experience and a larger ego despite the past political and personal experiences.

Neither of them convince em that they ae about what's doing right for this country. They are concerned about the "party" and their own glory.

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Herman Cain is a fraud

The media keeps saying that Mr. Cain is the former founder/CEO of Godfather Pizza.

That was true until he sold out 15 years ago. So now that "introduction" is a lie. It's fraud for him to represent himself in such a way, but then I guess he is used to that. Why?

Now he makes his money as a motivational speaker.


You know what that means, right? He gets an idea and shovels shit to you until you beleive it.

He has no plan, he has no solution. All he can do is spend 1 hour in front of an audience who paid money to hear him, and tell them what to do, or shall I say he tells them what he thinks they should do.

He, himself, does nothing to improve them.

In his folksey, down to earth way he doesn't do a blessed thing except sell himself and his tapes or DVD's.

Like other motivational speakers, he gives you nothing but advice.

Now he wants to be presient?

I ask you, do you really want 4 years of shit shoveled down your throat?

I mean what is his foreign policy platform? Aside from the catchy 9-9-9 phrase what does he understand about taxes and public works funding? Sure he ran a business, but a business is not government (trust me, I kow about this I live in FL where Rick Scott is dismantling government in favor of privitizing the state).

He talks a good game, but that's it. He has no real experience andhe has no real idea how government works.

I say Herman Cain is a fraud....only in the GOP presidential field because everyone else already messed up.

So my humble opinion is get him out of the field pronto, and put in someone who doesn't just talk about ideas, but actually has something to say.

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