Saturday, December 31, 2005

timely question

If it's already 2006 in Australia, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Wales, England and Europe then does that mean the future is already here?


As the year winds down I wonder a bit.

Why is it ok for big companies/retailers to make the lowliest workers pass tests on ethics and honesty to be hired at minimum wage jobs when the CEO's and other executives are the ones mostly likely to steal large sums of money from the company treasury?

When politicians lie why do they get mad at the press and at US for uncovering the truth?

Why are the people with the most money those least likely to give to those who need?

What ever happened to the term I learned back in the 1960's in economics, "reinvesting profits?" Now no one want to put money back into development.

And why now does everyone EXPECT stocks to pay a dividend on investments? Isn't buying stock like gambling/betting. It isn't always going to be a winner. Sometime someone has to lose.

Why doesn't our government - on local, state, county, country level take care of the infrastructure of the country?

Why is it more important to pass a standardized test then to learn how to read, write and think critically?

Why does sending people off to warto be killed justify those who were killed before? I don't get that reasoning.

Does anyone know?

Does anyone care?

End of 2005

So here we are.

The end of another year.

I guess it's no better or worse than others that have gone before it.

There is still no Peace on Earth.

Children still starve to death because of the inefficent distribution of resourses.

Politicians still lie and cheat and steal.

Religions still claim they are for the truth and the salvation of souls while they still withold truth and condemn those who do not accept their established rhetoric.

Zeta the last named tropical storm of 2005 but on the plus side is not going to hurt anyone.

The sun still rises and set with regularity and it shines upon us allowing us to live.

The air is not methane yet, and the polar ice caps haven't melted totally.

We can still drink the water.

I'm still employed. I'm not a millionaire, but I'm not destitute yet either.

There is a pot of homemade split pea with ham soup on the stove simmering so we won't be hungry tonight.

Family is coming to dinner tomorrow to help celebrate the New Year.

We an still worship as we chose in this country, or not worship as we chose to do so.

I'm not terminally ill, as far as I know.

So as I said, this year has been no better and no worse.

But maybe next year we can make some improvements, huh?

Happy 2006 to everyone.

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Christmas Eve Day

Christmas is my least favorite time of year.

It's too much about getting and spending and not enough about the true meaning of Christmas.

I sound like a Scrooge, but I can't help it. I am really begining to hate it. I'd rather be off alone on my own to celebrate an old fashioned Christmas with a small real tree and some meaningful company and a few "traditional" gifts.

That log cabin in the mountains sounds better and better as I age.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Intelligent Judiciary

Hey, at last Bush did something right. He appointed a judge that used his own intelligence to say that the teaching of Intelligent Design is just another way of saying Creationism. Who wudda thunk it?

I am so glad the 139 page opinion was so detailed. It left very little wiggle room to take to an appeals court.

Now what will Kansas and their school board say?

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

so Mr. President

I wonder am I in the little black book of people the President has wiretapped?

I mean, I write terrible things (truths) about this current administration. I have opinions that are not in keeping with the accepted way of thinking (or not thinking as the case may be.)

I expect the administration to be not only competent, but coherent and act within the bounds of the law. For those reasons alone I am probably a threat to "national security".

Hummmm, I already have a FBI file, from my former government jobs. I wonder how thick it is now that I am a "naysayer"?

speeches and other nonsense

Is he for real?

First he says he is not a dictator and that the renewal of the Patriot Act will keep us from having a dictatorship, then he tells us he has "authority" to do things like spy on American citizens without going to court to get a warrant. He has the right? Where? Who gave it to him? Did he give it to himself because he is not only president of the US but also the supreme ruler of everything and not subject to the laws of mortal men?

Excuse me?

Doesn't this sound like a new version of the old Nixon line "I am not a crook."?

How much more manure can this man shovel and expect the people to believe it's oatmeal and just eat it all up?

Lord forgive me for my sin (of blasphemy for thinking he's not God's messanger on earth)in advance, but the man needs to be removed from office before he destroys us all.

I wrote to both FL senators telling them that they should vote to NOT renew the Patriot Act provisions because the American people need more protection FROM the current administration than we do from the supposed threats of suspected terrorists.

I once saw a bumper sticker that said "Vote for Valdemort". They should make a new bumper sticker up.

Valdemort IS president.

More's the pity.

Merry Chrismahaunakwansika to you!

Last year Old Navy had this neat commercial that encompassed EVERY Winter Solstice religion in one song. Christmahaunakwasnika. What a great idea, not olny did it keep Christ in Christmas, it acknowledged all other faiths as well.

It's not on this year.

Christian fundies probably thought it was blasphemy.

More's the pity.

Monday, December 19, 2005

Monday 12/19

A clousey day (cloudy and lousey), grey and dull just what I don't need.

It's nearly Christmas, shouldn't it be sunny to keep us all happy and full of holiday spirits?

Stupid weatherman, they never get anything right.

Sunday, December 18, 2005

12/18/05 Hey the world isn't ending!

That's right, it's a week before Christmas. My leg isn't healed yet, my son and daughter are sick and my husband is a pain in the butt but guess what? The world isn't ending.

As much cleaning as had been done is all that is being done. The house is decorated. Most of the food is bought for the Christmas Eve party, all I need is the ham which will be bought later this week.

So no matter how hectic the season seems to be life goes on. With or without me running all around like a chicken with my head cut off.

Peace. Christmas Peace.

Nice concept.

Saturday, December 17, 2005


I must be in some kind of time warp, I just wanted to write the date as 1995.

The 90's were just nothing years. I can't remember much about them,there are very few warm fuzzy memories. I remember 1992 because of Hurricane Andrew, and 1999 because Tom walked in the May graduation, but I don't really remember much else.

Now I wonder if the decade was unremarkable, or if my mind is slowly going.

Probably the latter.

Friday, December 16, 2005

12/16/05 Friday

Doing as little as possible today. Leg still hurts like hell.

Thought of something I wanted to blog, but forgot it again. I am sure it will come back to me and I can post it when it does.

Thursday, December 15, 2005


Think of all the bad words you know. Think them really really hard because as you think them I am probably saying them.

Due to an human error/scheduling error/coding error the Doppler test on my leg was not done today.

I was scheduled for an EKG Doppler not a lower left extrimity Doppler.

So now I have to go in to another facility tomorrow at 8:00 to get it done.

In the meanwhile my leg hurts because I've been up and on it too much this morning and the knee brace I wore to lessen the pain in my leg has rubbed me to the point of giving me a blister on my leg so I can't wear it.


Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Cats and Christmas trees

We have 3 cats living here at home. Two are mine, and they are old men in their late teens so they don't do much but eat sleep and poop.

My daughter's cat, however is a youngster of about 8, and he was an escaped house pet who live outside for about 2 years on his own, so he is used to hunting.

Now that is normally not a problem, but at Christmas it is.

He likes to roam the house at night stalking things like lizzards, and the occasional palmetto bug. But with the arrival of a Christmas tree? Well, that's stalking heaven.

At first he removed any ornaments that resembled a mouse or bird. We had a very nice conversation about that and I moved the ornaments in question away from his reach. Then he found the plaid stuffed teddy bear ornament and brought it to Annie's room, quite proud of himself for finding such a rare creature.

Well, I tried to talk to him and tell him (Fred is his name by the way) that the teddy bear belongs to me and stays on the tree.

Apparently this does not compute with the little stalker kitty brain. He insists on removing it every night and taking it to Annie's room.

So I have called a truce.

I remove the ornament from Annie's room and place it under the tree every evening and every morning he carries it back to her room.

At least that way he leave the rest of the tree alone.

I'm just suprised he hasn't tried to decapitate it yet.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Scrooge lives

I've worked for the same place since 1987. Every Christmas they would give the "employees" one nice little reception/party in the main administration building. It was complete with grog and carolers and finger food and cookies. Not very rich or fancy, but festive and nice.

Enter the new Provost.

Now the Holiday festivities have been cancelled. Not postponed. Cancelled.

Perhaps someone should send the new guy a copy of Dickens "A Christmas Carol' with the section about Christmas past and the way a simple holiday party thrown for the employees fostered good will and loyality.


Deep Vein Thrombosis.

Had some leg pain, a Charlie Horse I thought. Then a knee problem. So I just wanted to wait it out and use Ben Gay etc.

But on Sunday last I was a Eucharistic Minister at the 8:00 mass and when holding the consecrated hosts after distributing communion I almost fell while climbing the two small altar steps. My knee wouldnt' hold my weight.

That was a sign from God saying "Stupid, go to the Doctor."

So yesterday I went.

The Dr. saw me as a late afternoon "squeeze in". He put me through a bunch of movement tests and made my leg hurt more by poking it all over. One movement test had him worried. So I am going to have a Doppler ultrasound done on Thursday a.m. to see if I have the suspected illness. DVT.

For those unfamiliar with it, it's the thing that former NBC Iraqi correspondent David Blume had - and died from. Unfortunately he died because he was trying to tough it out and he wouldn't get treatment, so he blew a clot (which is what DVT is - a blood clot in the vein in the leg) and it went to his lungs or heart and he died.

I should have stayed in bed today, that's what the Dr. wanted me to do, but today was the "office party" and gift exchange so I talked him into letting me work today. I promised not to do too much and he said ok. But I was dragging my butt by the end of the day, and I was in quite a bit of pain, so I am taking off tomorrow.

I am not amused with this turn of events, but what can I do? So tomorrow I will stay in bed with my left leg up and rest.

I'll let you know how the Doppler results come out as soon as I get them.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

math is a myth

What is 5? Is 5 real or is it a lie? Is 5 something someone made up and declared, as if he were as infallable as the pope, that 5 not only exists but it is absolutely 5 all of the time.

Despite what many would have you beleive, math is not finite.

Math is a concept not an absolute. 5 is an adjective, not a noun. 5 does not exist in and of itself without adding a noun with which it agrees or limits.

If math were absolute we couldn't have "different methonds" of accounting and a ton would be a ton, not a metric ton or some other variation of weight. If math were absolute then we wouldn't need guestimates.

Cows. Let's use cows as an example.

You say there are 5 cows. Five. Does that mean there are a herd of cows? Is 5 a herd? or is 5 an adjective that limits the quantity of cows IN a herd?

When does the description of a quantity of cows become necessary to have that quantity become a herd? Is two a herd? I don't think so, do you? How about three? I want someone to show me a herd of cows because five is no more absolute than herd. Both imply quantities but they are NOT in and of themselves anything tangible.

Lines. They are also fake.

A line is a visual image that our eyes see, but line, in and of itself does not exist.

Sky meets water, and we call that horizon, because our eye sees the place where the two images come together. But in reality no line exists.

Sun, Moon and earth all lie in space. We imagine the measure of a straight distance between these objects and call them lines. But in space no such thing as line exists. Someone made it up.

So much for Geometry. Geometry measures lines that don't exist, and spcaes between lines that don't exist, with numbers that are merely numeric ajdectives.

And they say that Math is an absolute science.

I don't think so.

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