Sunday, August 27, 2017


It really irks me when people say: "I don't like change." to justify their own ability to actually do something.

So you don't like change?  Do you wake up every day and expect the same thing to happen that happened yesterday?

Do you eat the same food at every meal?

Do you wear the same clothes?

Do you not bathe because getting rid of yesterday's dirt would change you?

No, of course not, because why? Because THINGS CHANGE and you accept those changes.  Every day is a change from the day before.  It's how you react to those changes that makes a difference in your life.

So if you are in a bad relationship and want to leave then change your relationship.  Leave that husband who abuses you. Leave that man who takes all of your money.  Leave that partner who gives you no access to "his" life but expects you to give up everything for him.

DAMN it all...CHANGE your circumstances and don't fear the change.  Just do it.

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