Saturday, March 25, 2017

and so it begins

Health care reform aka the American Health Care Act, is dead.  Obamacare  (the Affordable Care Act) remains the law of the land.  Now we have to make sure that DJT and his ilk continue to FUND it. We have to make sure that the congress "tweaks" it to work instead of tearing it down.

If other countries can give universal health care to their citizens, and we are supposed to be the greatest country on earth, why can't our "I am a smart person" predisent make it work here?  Why? Because corporate interest, not people, come first for Mr. Trump.  If he or his friends can't  make a profit from it it's no good.

Now the real work begins.

Defund the Big Pharm.  Make sure tax reform does not reward those who take away from the poor to supplement the rich.  Continue to lean on congress and the administration to make sure that what is being done is for the good of the people not for the good of the profiteers.

Sunday, March 19, 2017


Michelle Obama had a garden to teach kids how to grow Good Health food and decrease food insecurity.

Mrs. Trump probably hasn't set foot in a garden and doesn't give a damn about how or IF kids eat.

President Obama spent the "majority" of his time in the White House actually working. Mr. Trump spends his time and our money "vacationing." Didn't he know that the job of President is 24/7 for 4 years straight?

President Obama stopped campaigning once he was elected.  Mr. Trump does nothing but hold election type rallies so he can feel as if he's "winning" the hearts of the people.

What he is actually doing is showing those who made the unfortunate choice of voting for him that he doesn't know anything about running this country.

Monday, March 13, 2017


It seems to me we shouldn't be worried about a wall between the USA and Mexico.  We should be more concerned by the walls we are building in the USA.

I am not happy with walls on the sides of highways that cancel traffic "noise ". Why?  Because in most cases the people who bought the houses near the road  knew that the road was there and knew that there would be traffic noise.

 It's like people who complain about airplane noise if they live near an airport.  Generally the airport was there BEFORE the houses were built. So if a person bought a house near the airport they knew that there would be noise from takeoffs and landings.

If you knew the noise would be a part of the neighborhood, be it airport or highway, then why did you buy that house?  I can't see the need to "suddenly" create walls to contain the noise.

I think it's just another clever (or not so clever) ploy to separate and divide us.

Walls keep the "wrong" element away from us.  Walls also limit our exposure to another class of people.  Walls keep undesirables from us.  Walls "prevent" people who can't afford mansions from coming into neighborhoods which have large houses.  Gated homes, guard gates, etc. Walls keep out the people who "might" covet what we own. Walls also iscolate us.

Walls keep us from seeing those who might not have our  material advantages.  That doesn't mean mansions either. It means homes. Single family homes. Homes with 3 bedrooms and 2 baths. Homes with manicured lawns and backyards where kids can play.

Walls limit your exposure to "others". To other ways of thinking, to other ways of living.  Walls lead to misunderstanding because how can I understand you if I don't see and know you?  Does a wall let me talk to you?  Does a wall explain anything to you?  Does a wall show us how similiar we are or does it exclude us from each other and only point out the differences?

I watch and read dystopic fiction.

The last time I went driving on the FL turnpike I realized that they were constructing more "noise cancelling" walls along the highway.  Walls make the road a lonely long corridor of grey.  No scenery to look at, only a directed and controlled path, government approved, that allows you to only see one path, the4 path laid out by a government agency to take you where you are going.

There is no chance to see anything "different".

It occurs to me this is a subtle form on mind control, which we are coming to accept as just another way of life.

I hope I am wrong, but I fear I am right.

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