Thursday, August 31, 2006

Fighting the Nazis again?

If that idiot in the White House wants Americans to rally around and fight a threat that he considers equal to the Nazis and WWII then he had better look out the windows on the South lawn of the White House because the American people should be coming for him. The only Nazi types in this war are those employed in Washington by this administration.

The parallels to what Hitler did to make the German people believe he was right are uncanny. Don't like the constitution? Hitler overthrew it. W considers ours a hindrence to his presidential power, it's a mere piece of paper, he said so. But so far he has been unable to destroy it. Thank God for that.

Don't like the way the courts rule? Stack the courts with judges who are like minded individuals and to hell with the rule of law. After all aren't the courts there to do the bidding of the commander in chief? After all he does rule the world... oh excuse me, he's the leader of the "free world" wherever that is. Wasn't the 3rd Reich supposed to rule the world too? Something about 1000 years, wasn't it, or is that the post rapture world of the end time Christians? It's all a muddled mess isn't it? Can't keep all that dictator for life stuff straight lately.

Christian moral values? Yep, Hitler was big on values - Arian family values. Clean living God fearing values that every "good" German would possess because of their superior breeding.

Don't like Jews, gypsies, Poles? Deport them. You know, like those pesky foreigners from Spanish speaking countries. Or better still, sterotype the population of one ethnic or religious group. Jews then,Muslims now. Poles then, Hispanics now. Aren't all "foreigners" less American? Just like non-Arians were less human?

Less human, you mean like the sick and elderly? Easily get rid of them; not quite like Hitler by warehousing them in "facilities". No, just force them to accept substandard medical care that they can't actually afford. Legislate medical and health care choices away from them. Make "helpful programs" like Medicare so complicated that they are only a burden on them. They will eventually become dishartened and give up, "decreasing the surplus population" I think is the way Dickens put it in the Christmas Carol.

Media in the way? Darn that stupid Freedom of the Press thing. Those pesky press people telling too many of your back room secrets? Call them liberal, and make everything they say seem impossible or implausible. Don't explain any of your choices or edicts, never defend yourself. Never admit making a wrong choice or - shudder - a mistake. If one of the minions makes a mistake promote him and praise him. Well it almost worked, but then Katrina was more than "Brownie" could handle and it was too big a mess to hide under a rug.

Defend your standards or judgements against any questions by attacking the attackers. Never accept criticism, even if it's deserved. They are disloyal, they are misinformed, never admit to anything, make them look bad. Soon no one will believe the press or media no mattter how much truth they find out.

Make everything a matter of "national security" so they can't "spread fear."...actually spreading truth is more accurate. The only fear spread is that of the White House making. If something makes sense and people start questioning the administration then tell the people to look at something else and make them fear. Make them anxious, misdirect their focus. Feed the fear should be the Republican motto because when things go wrong for them they can always find a way to make you forget it by telling you about the fear. How many times have terrorist plots been uncovered just as bad news comes from the Republican quarter? Too many times to be mere coincidence.

Seal any historial political records, censor national archives in the libraries, classify government documents as top secret, even if the "secrets" are 20 to 30 years old already. If you can't trace the truth to its source it never happened. Like the X-Files used to say "the truth is out there." only this administration doesn't want you to find it.

Curb freedoms. Ah yes, for the good of all we must be willing to sacrifice some personal freedoms. That was more Nazi propaganda. Worked then, and apparently to those too ignorant of the former usage it still works. They aren't taking freedom from you YOU ARE FREELY GIVING IT UP!!! Warrentless wire tapping? Sure it's okk after all if you have nothing to hide then why fear it? Right? Until they come for you.

Why? What is the reason? How many 30 second sound bytes will it take to explain it? I have the answer to that - none - because it will never be explained. It's like having your parent say "because I say so" and if you are uneducated and have no power then you beleive what you are told. You dare to question authority?

If you're not with us you are against us? Hitler made that very clear too.

Education is key. Key to what? Ignorance? While spouting how much he improves education W complicates it by starting programs he doesn't fund. No child left behind? Before W came into office the budget for education was in the billions. Now it's only in the low millions. What happened to nearly $20 billion that used to support education? Teaching creationism in schools? Ignoring science in favor of Biblical historical teachings? Does this make American school children more competitive on the world market? Does this allow creativity? Does this foster critial thinking? Does this let children learn that it is good to question the establishment? Nope. Didn't the Socialists used to say "religion is the opiate of the masses?" Well this "Christian" president is sure feeding our young plenty of it to keep them docile and unable to do anything without it.

This president and his minions are more fascist than the terrorist they like to wave in front of us.

Fear the terrorists like we feared Nazis? Hell, I fear those in power in my own country than I do the few fanatics in other countries.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Almost home free

Ernesto is still passing by, technically, but we are in the end of it. It was never a huge storm, just occasional rain of varing degrees and some wind gusts. No physical damage was done, and we didn't even get localized flodding in my area although some parts of Miami did get the 5 to 10 inches of rain that was predicted.

Another storm name gone, and the next one is Florence, should another storm form. Doesn't sound very threatening to me. I keep thinking of Florence Hendserson - and who can fear the Brady Bunch mom?

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Ernesto wobbled

So the would be category 1 hurricane is just a very weak tropical storm.

It's raining. It's not windy yet and I dont' think it will be. Ernesto went a bit farther west of us and is crossing the Everglades, so it's giving all of it's rain to the glades and we remain relative untouched.

At least we were prepared. So I am glad for the day off today and tomorrow and will be happy it's not a rain event or damaging wind.

Friday, August 25, 2006

Leonard Pitts Column

At last, someone is putting into print what Librarians have been saying all along!

Read the column from 8/25/06. Then ask yourself, what can he be hiding.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

This is Miami

A student was in the lobby area of the library complaining about the rain.

The response she got was , "It's Miami."

And she didn't get it until we explained that during the rainy season in Florida expect it to rain every day, especially at 8 a.m. when you are driving to school, at noon, when you need to walk across campus for lunch, and at 4:30 when you leave campus for the day. The rest of the time it's going to be hot an humid.

Get used to it kid. This is the rainy season in Miami.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

expecting too much

Seems the newest crop of students have a midset so totally different from what I am used to that I am feeling VERY old.

The first thought in their head is that everything that can be found is on line. No wonder they can be so easily duped, they are used to being told things via electronic means.

They don't seem to realize that the current system of information disbursement is subject to hacking and misinformation. Yet they believe it to be accurate.

Books? Who needs books anyhow?

I pity the world if these are the educated people. How much less informed can the uneducated be?

Monday, August 21, 2006

Geoffrey Chaucer Hath a Blog: Nota bene: Make melodye today

What a wonderful blog.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

things we don't need

Last night dinner was garbage. Literally.

I had so many containers of left overs sitting in the fridge I decided NOT to cook anything new.

So, we at what we had. Pork chops, Italian sausage,spaghetti sauce with mushrooms, chicekn breast, corn, peas, pasta, rice. I heated what each person wanted and we were all full. Unfortunately I had to throw out the stuff we didnt' eat, and that could have feed another 2 people. What wasteful people we are!

So why do we cook so much? Are we bombarded with so many food images that we think we need more food, even if we know we can't possibly eat it all?

I think advertising is what's wrong with America. If we weren't told it was necessary I don't think we would think we "had to have it."

Saturday, August 19, 2006

hey stupid, you behind the wheel of the white van

If you are on a service call in a strange neighborhood and you have the directions to the house on a piece of paper don't you think it might be easier to read the directions IF YOU WERE NOT TRYING TO TALK ON YOUR CELL PHONE AND DRIVE WHILE READING THE PAPER?????????????

It would be safer for you and the driving public on the street with you if you would simply have the courtesy to pull off to the side of the road and try to talk on the phone and update the driections.

But you didn't do it, did you?

And when you have a accident you'll wonder why.

STUPID!!! It's all your fault.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006


Summer storm yesteday afternoon, with hail and apparently strong wind gusts.
It took down a tree limb in a neighbor's yard that pulled down a power line and shorted out another line and the consequences were no leectricity for 94 homes.

So dinner was McDonald's take out and we sat with with windows opened and watched TV in one room by running it on a battery back up system Ken had devised (you learn to do things when you live in hurricane country.)

The power went back on before midnight - thank God - or I wouldhave been severely hampered by lack of a strong cup of coffee in the morning.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

conspiracy theory

It's not the terrorists that concocted this no liquids on the airplane thing. It's the hotel and airline industry.

Now that passangers can't take their own shampoos, creams, lotions and such on the planes the hotel industry will find itself in a power position. The "free" bottles of shampoo, lotion, cream rinse, etc. that people used to take home from their hotel stay will now actually be USED during the hotel stay. If they are greedy about it they will start charging for the stuff too, like airlines charge for your bag lunch. Hotel gift and convience shops will be selling more deoderants, toothpastes and toothbrushes. All that means greater profits.

The airlines can collect unused contraband and in turn sell that stuff on the secondary market generating more income for themselves too.

It's not Al Quida at all. It's capitalism and free enterprise at work.

Deny them their right to individual choices and then supply them with what you want them to need.

So is America a great place or what?

Friday, August 11, 2006

no Fear Factor anymore.

Now this terror alert I believe because the Brits are less likely to b e thought police than the Feds.

Some people are speculating that as in past terror alerts the White House can use the new terror threat to boost his sagging approval rating. This time it's not working.

This time the people are buying the fear factor that Republicans dish out.

Too bad they didn't realize that the only thing to fear was this administration 6 years ago.

Sunday, August 06, 2006


It is becoming very clear to me that most people don't care about "other".

If it doesn't directly impact their lives it's just a news story or a sound bite.

What I am tryin to figure out is "why?"

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Hurrah! The pictures came!

Now we have to pick and choose the ones we actually want the world to see. As soon as that's done I'll reveal all.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

no pictures yet

The last time I took my disposable camera in to have photos developed they were ready in less than 24 hours.

Those photos were nothing - a few shots of the house. Some of Ken's birthday in April, some of Tom's birthday in June. Some of Gloria and Tom looking all engaged and cute. Nothing very earthshattering or important.

So I said to myself that's the place to take the wedding photos.

Well I took one 27 shot camera in on Sunday afternoon, and two in on Monday. Today is Thursday, are any of them ready? NO. Not one.

Why? They can't give me a reason...

Of course not.

When pictures are not special they get done fast.

When pictures are special it takes forever.

I think CVS headquarters is getting a very nasty letter from me about this..


Tuesday, August 01, 2006

TS Chris

At forst we were told that Tropical Storm Chris woudl be a strong tropical storm when it hits the coast of FL this weekend, but now the predictions are for a stronger sustained wind field, so we may be hit with yet another hurricane. Two last year and now this.

Hurricanes used to be exciting, now they are nearly routine and boring. (as long as they remain in the Category 1 or 2 range.)

I have returned

I need a vacation from my v acation.

The synopsis - I can't get detailed right now I am toooooooooooooo tired.

We left for PA on the evening of July 14 (left before 8 p.m.), and drove straight through from FL to PA. Well, actually not STRAIGHT because Ken did stop twice for very brief naps the first was 45 min. the second was nearly 2 hours. We got to his sister's house in Mcungie, PA by 10:00 p.m. on the 15th.

The reason for the trip was to visit with his only remainng aunt, who would be turning 90. However we had so many other people to visit we just had one long marathon visiting frenzie! From Sunday through Friday we visited 10 different families, not counting the cousins we got to visit with at the 90th birthday party.

But right after Saturday's party we had to pack up and leave for FL again because our son was married on July 29th and we had to be back in time for the final week of last minute preparations, including hosting the rehearsal dinner.

I will go into great detail about all that later, but for the moment I will say that the wedding was wonderful.

So, now I can stop and rest and when I regain my normal footing again I will fill in details.

Hope you enjoy what I have to say - eventually.

And Barbara,in Kentucky, thanks for the compliment.

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