Monday, August 08, 2011

Hey Tea Party-ers

I did it all myself.
I never ever asked for a handout from the Federal Government.
We don't need big government for anything.

So, were you parents rich enough to send you to college or trade school or did you get a Federally subsidized Student loan? No, forgive me, you were home schooled and had to follow the regulations set down by some government agency along the line to make sure you were given proper training to read, write and possible to think for yourself. All those regulations were set down by the Department of Education, which I am sure you find totally intrusive and unecessary, because By God you don't want any government interference in how you raise your child.

Of course your kids are going to college, that in state tuition at good old State U. can't be beat, even if it is partially subsidized by the Federal and State government.

Do you have a bank account insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation? Maybe you have a IRA for retirement, or maybe you buy US Savings Bonds so your kids have something to go to pay for their college or trade school education.

Is your mortgage regulated by any one of several Federal agencies, or do you pay enormous interest rates to some private lender?

Did you or a family member work for a company that sub-contracted for the Federal Government? You know, like a chemical company, or a plant that made a part for airplanes or "ordinance?"

Do you use chemicals to grow your own food that the Dept. of Agriculture tested?

Do you get medicine that the CDC approves of to keep you free from illness? Or maybe you get the flu shot, or have you kids vaccinated under programs set up by the Federal, state and local governments to keep your kids healthy.

Do you use the roads built with the Federal taxes you paid? Or do you use the trains, the planes and the ships that the Federal government regulates? You know the NTSB.

How about the car you drive? Is it up to the Dept. of Transportation safety specs?
That TV you watch, does it do what it promised? YOu know what I mean, does it perform according the the regulations set down by the Dept. of Commerce?

Those commercials, are they acceptable for all audiences as the FCC regulations dictate?

Let me guess, you own a boat, right? So you can cruise the waterways on rivers and lakes or in the ocean patrolled by the United States Coast Guard.

Yep, I can see you don't need the government for anything. You are totally independent of government control.


You assholes!

We're (in) number 2

The victory of WW2 was over 60+ years ago.

We are no longer a super power.

Yet the Republicans keep telling stupid voters we are.

Tea Party members tell us to cut more spending and then they make us a laughing stock of the world.

So now what?

DEPRESSION that's what.

Good bye.

Thursday, August 04, 2011

more greed mor power grabs and less intelligence

Why did Wall Street go down today?

GREED. And more GREED. They fear they will loose money so they take their money out of the market and cause a spiral, it's a self fulfilling prophesy.

It's not our government that determines what happens on Wall Street, it's the idiots in Wall Street (who want more moeny at the risk of the rest of us) who run the government.

Also the idiots in Congress who "saved" money by creating the FAA problem? What did they actually do with their machinations? They CAUSED a loss of tax revenue of more than $360 million!

Now everyone is upset.

Damn straight.

We can't get rid of the greedy on Wall Street, but we can vote the idiots ingovernment out of office - and I think we should do it to prove a point.

I'm greedy too.

I am greedy for fair treatment in economic decisions and intelligent decisions in government.

So let's get rid of those who aren't giving it to us, and vote in people who will.

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