Sunday, February 08, 2009

yesterday's Today interview

Watched NBC's Today yesterday and that mother of 8 was interviewed, part of a larger interview to be broadcast on Tuesday. She was trying for all the world to sound rational.
She admitted that the fertility Dr. who implanted her knew that she already had 6 children because he had been the one to do them as well. And she said that the biological father of all of her children was the same person. Makes me wonder if it's actually the doctor?

No matter, when the medical community finds out who did the "deeds" I think the doctor will be in big trouble, I hope he finds his license pulled but if not then he should be totally blacklisted at least.

After the interveiw aired they asked a pyschologist what she thought of the woman and the psychologist said the mother needs serious counseling. What an understatment! I feel so sorry for the children who are gong to bear the brunt of this stigma. How traumatized do you think they will be? She said her own relationship with her mother was dysfunctional, and now she expects to have a normal loving relationship with each of her 14 children? On what planet?

Well, enough of that. At least the story gives us something to talk about...and maybe it will result in some kind of legislation or control over medical ethics. What ever happened to "first, do no harm"?

Sunday, February 01, 2009

more rules from God because She said so

If I were the religious leader of a church that believed that God was female I would amend a few religious laws and commandments.

Only women can fully participate in the religious celebrations of faith, because they are the only ones educated enough to understand the theology and philosophy. So only women could be priests and ministers. Men can be support persons, cleaning, dusting, washing church linens, hosting fund raisers....

If men committed adultry they should be stoned.

If men committed rape they should be stoned.

If men had sex before marriage they should be stoned.

Men should not be allowed outside the home unless accompanied by a female relative.

A Man cannot speak to a woman unless he is given permission by his female relatives.

If men had a sexual "discharge" of any kind they would have to undergo a ritual cleansing before having relations with their wife. (like the women who had to be churched after the birth of their children, or the Jewish women who must be ritually bathed after menstruation before entering relations with thier husband) Of course this would mean lots of ritual cleansing for teen age boys who have wet dreams.....but hey, not my rules. God dictates these things and we must obey the rules of God, right?

Well, what's so wring with these rules? Don't Christians, Jews and Muslims impose some of the same rules on the WOMEN of their faith?

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