Wednesday, April 13, 2011

national debt

Since they now admit that the increased national debt was caused by 2 things:

The Tax cuts initiated by Geroge W Bush (AFTER he left office)
and the cost of the WARS, also caused by George W. Bush

So then, dear Tea Party Republicans and all you conservatives, can you explain to me why the huge national debt is now being blamed on the DEMOCRATS?????

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

What about us?

OK congress, you want to balance the budget.

What are YOU willing to give up? Cut your salary by 25%, cut your staff by 10%, give up franking privlidges, if you want to park near your work place PAY for the spot. No freebies. Do you get a "reduced cost" lunch in the Senate or House Office Building cafeteria? Well? Do you? Change that to a "food court" and pay for you cheeseburger or tuna sub like the rest of us poor slobs. Do you have an "executive gym"? Do you pay dues? Well, do you? Start charging for the use of the facilities. If we want such things WE poor working American Taxpayers, have to pay for it, why don't you?

Health care? Hey, ifyou don't want US to have Medicare why should you have health care as a retired senator or represenative? Before you take from us take it from yourselves. Give up the retirement package congressional represenatives have and go on Social Security. Give up your perks and pay into social security and medicare like the rest of us poor slobs. Pay our own way, like you tell us we should be doing. If you don't pay why should we? You are the ones benefiting from Socialized medicine, because WE pay for it.

Since protecting the wealthy is supposed to creat jobs SHOW ME THE STATISTICS that at least 10 big corporations in the USA have created or increased jobs in the last 10 years. If you can't show me the results, then TAX THE RICH. They have the money and if they aren't going to use it to stimulate economic growth and added wealth in our country then tax them double for taking the money out of the USA.

Any company that makes a profit should be paying taxes. Any investor who makes money on his investment should be paying taxes. No exceptions, no exclusions.

Stop lying and playing games with the American people. If you are serious about cutting the debt then YOU take the first step.

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