Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Catholic church: conclusion

I have come to the conclusion that the Catholic church is just as feudal, if not more so, than the Islamic religion. There is one appointed head, elected from the elite, who rules a principality, and has lieutants of lesser and less importance in charge of smaller and smaller fifedoms, all which culminate with the serfs, who are told only to pay homage, tithe to support it and obey all of the rules. Doesn't sound like the teaching of God to me, sounds more like the greed and pride of man.

Tips and Bonuses

Seems to me that most people who can afford to tip - don't.

I have heard people say, those waiters (wait staff) get paid for what they do, why should I leave a tip?

TIPS is short for "to insure prompt service", that's what it was meant to be for. It has since become an excuse for employers not to give a fair hourly wage because "they make up for it in tips"

Yet executives, who have - even in this day of recession - budgets for business entertainment tend to begrudge a tip.

However, those same executives want their "bonuses". Excuse me, isn't a bonus a reward for doing more than you are being paid for? Isn't that like being "tipped" for doing a good job?

So, why do we "bonus" people who do a bad job, and then justify it by saying that they can't get any good people to work for a company unless they offer bonuses?

If waiters don't deserve tips then executives don't deserve bonuses because they are boing doing the job they were hired to do.

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