Sunday, July 31, 2016

A free college education

Naysayers are saying it's impossible for the Democratic candidates to promise a free college education to anyone who wants it.  Why?  because it "only pays for tuition."

I can prove it's not. And I did NOT go to a state university, but a private one.

A free college education is what I got during the Lyndon B. Johnson presidency.
Yeah FREE.  I graduated with zero student loans and no debt after 4 years.  How? you may ask.

Here's the way it works.  You apply to a school, get the financial aid information and fill out the paperwork.  Then you apply for every bit of "help"  you can. And you accept every bit of help offered.

I was a technical orphan (in PA you are considered an orphan if your Father died), so believe it , that helped get me secondary money.  I qualified for a Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Grant, it was only $200 but it was something.

 A Grant is money they give you and if  you meet the requirements you don't pay it back.  The requirements were to go to school in a Pennsylvania school, maintain a passing GPA and graduate in 4 years - consecutive years with no "breaks". That's 4 years of regular semesters, no summer school included.

I also got a full tuition scholarship from my chosen school and a private "grant in aid" from the Benjamin and Fedora Wolf Memorial Trust. That grant was $450 a year.  Tuition was back in the late '60's only $950 a year - at a private school.

In my freshman year I was a commuter student. My mother was still alive and I lived at home.  I used the Wolf money for public  transportation to and from school, and because there were no restrictions on that grant, I used it also for fees and lunches.  The $200 PHEA grant I used to buy books.

My mother died  days before the beginning of my second year.  The nuns at the college found me space in the dorm so I could continue school, and they allowed me to pay for the room and board in "installments" from the social security survivor's benefit check I received.  I used the Wolf "grant" to pay the bulk of the room and board that year, and paid the rest on my own.

There wasn't much left for spending money.  I babysat at a nearby apartment complex some weekends for some cash.  I didn't attend movies very often, I didn't drive a car, I ate the dorm food and only allowed myself one treat meal a month (usually at a Chinese restaurant.) I worked summer jobs when I was at "home" living with my grandparents, so I had money for clothes and books.

My job was to get passing grades to earn my degree, and I did.  Only one semester during my 4 years at Holy Family College, did I take less than 18 credits per semester.  It was a heavy load but I managed. I was never on Dean's List, and received no awards for academic achievement, I was an average student but managed to maintain the C+ GPA required to keep my financial aid.

The point is it wasn't "given" to me.  I worked for it.  I did not dictate how I wanted to go to school, I did what  I needed to do and what was required of me and played by the rules.  I worked for my degree.

The naysayers are saying that a "free" education is impossible.  It's not.  The tuition will be paid for, but books, room and board are the responsibility of the student.  If you don't live at an "away" school, but reside in your home town you avoid dorm costs.  If you get a part time job you can pay for books and fees.

You EARN your education, it's not handed to you on a silver plate.  Maybe that's why the naysayers say it wont'[ work, they aren't used to earning anything.

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Christian candidates?

Aside from Tim Kaine I have no idea if the others running for President or Vice President attend church.

Kain said he was catholic and attends Mass at St. Elizabeth in Richmond VA..
Clinton is Methodist, but has not said if she is a member of any specific congregation.

Trump claims to be Presbyterian, but the only time I have ever seen him on the step of a church is so he could use it as a way to recruit more conservative Christians to consider him.

Pence?  I have no clue, as far as I have been told he is a "Christian", meaning he goes to one of those churches with a loose affiliation to something or other.

Of all of them only Kaine has shown any true interest in practicing his religion. He went on a mission to Hondouras.  He attends Mass with his family.  I know he values his belief, but what of the others?

Wouldn't it be nice to think that they would demonstrate the religious principles by their conduct?  I think so.

I forget

It happens a lot.  I want to write something down and by the time I open the blog, or post a comment on Facebook it's gone.  Disappeared into the ether.

It was significant, and important, or I would have wanted to share it, but now it's gone.

If I continue to write it may come back tome, but I know it will come back to me as soon as I finish and post this. Then I'll have to open it all over again. (sigh)

This isn't a sign of growing old, it IS growing old.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

a thank you note

I went to the hairdresser today for a hair cut.  When I came out I found a note on the windshield of my car.  It read:" Thank you for your service to our country."

Why on my car?  My husband's name is on the title to the vehicle and as such it entitles him to get "disabled veteran" tags.  Why? He has a 100% service related disability as a result of his time in Viet Nam.

So I took the note, folded it and when I got home I put it in the dining room, on the table where he could see it.  When he did he asked me about it and I told him that it was left on my windshield.  He smiled and said "that was a very nice thing."

After years of being not recognized or appreciated for his service he was at last thanked.

Whoever left that note today made his day.

Monday, July 25, 2016

news flash

Nothing political this time.  Just an observation about a 3 year olds meltdown.

Went to a party, mostly adults, yesterday afternoon.  One "child" came, a 3 year old.  Long involved story cut to the chase. She wanted to swim in the pool (inground backyard pool) but without 1) floaties - because she said she can swim, which she can't.  BTW, floaties are those arm bands that help little people float. 2) any other people in the pool.

Well she got to swim with her 13 year old cousin (she tolerates him) in the pool and he was responsible for herding her.  He was also responsible for making sure she wore the floaties and keeping her out of the deep end.

The problem was she wanted what she wanted and was a crying mess making life miserable for all.

I told her that she either wears the floaties or leaves the pool.  Why?  Because a 3 year old can't make a choice from several, their brains aren't hard wired for multiple choice yet.  But the other adults wanted to REASON with her and give her choices.

Here's the news flash...  a 3 year old can't REASON.  A three year old shoudl be told "this or that" and made to accept the consequences of that choice.

If I were her parent/grandparent I would have told her floaties or no pool and when she continued to cry I would have taken her out of the pool and got her dried and dressed and ended it.  Instead there were no end of compromises offered, all of which basically gave in to her.

So if that's the way kids are "taught" now no wonder we have so many problem teens and young adults. They have learned to make a fuss until someone tires of the argument and they get what they want.

What ever happened to being given a choice, acting on that choice and accepting the consequences?  If that isn't taught from an early age how are young people supposed to know?

College graduates rely on their parents - perhaps too much. The law says that parents are responsible for the children until age 18, but most parents "extend" that to help the kids out through college.

 Back in my college most kids couldn't wait to be "on their own" and move out.
Why? Because the consequence of accepting parental help was not being an independent person.

 Today's kids want parents to continue to care for them - so they can "do well in school" and not have to worry about things.  Yeah, things like paying bills, buying food etc.  So when they graduate they are in no great hurry to leave the nest and go out on their own.  Why should they when their parents will just continue to take care of them?

Choice, action and consequences...hey maybe this is about politics after all.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

heat wave

Now let's see if the press covers the heat wave more than the Democratic convention.

Friday, July 22, 2016

the RNC - my take

OK this is just some observations, in no particular order.

1) OK Donald., we get it.  Obama had nothing to do with governing for the last 7.5 years since we know that all the bad things that have happened since his election were Hillary Clinton's fault.

And while we are at it, what does "the Donald" want to do to fix things that aren't really broken?  He still hasn't given any indication of a plan of action.  All he knows how to do is fix blame on someone else.

2) Does "the Donald" realize that if he is elected he will not be able to repaint Marine1 or Air Force 1 to display his name?  Does he realize he will be living in a "house" that will not display his TRUMP logo on the rooftop? (or on the limo, or any other public owned vehicle available for the presidential mode of transporation)?

3) Amazing that the person "responsible" for the plagerism of Michelle Obama's speech just happens to be a "Democrat" working for the Trump campaign?  Cut me a break.

4) Ted Cruz is not a nice person, but he's got more courage than a room full of Republican sheep who support Trump even though they dislike him.

5) Now the Republican party is "united" behind Trump?  I don't think so.

6) If Clinton is "guilty" what are the charges? She hasn't been indicted as far as I know, and the Republicans have had years and spent several thousands of dollars trying to make something "stick."  So far, "zero" charges.

7)  And speaking of guilt.  If you have nothing to hide then why haven't you turned over your tax records, Mr. Trump?  Or is that  a rule for only  the "little people", you know the basic 99% of Americans who aren't afraid to follow the rules?

8) How true is it that you want Mr. Pence to take over most duties of the President?  If you don't want to do the job, why did you apply?

9) Notice how all Trump can talk about is FEAR?

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