Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tips and Bonuses

Seems to me that most people who can afford to tip - don't.

I have heard people say, those waiters (wait staff) get paid for what they do, why should I leave a tip?

TIPS is short for "to insure prompt service", that's what it was meant to be for. It has since become an excuse for employers not to give a fair hourly wage because "they make up for it in tips"

Yet executives, who have - even in this day of recession - budgets for business entertainment tend to begrudge a tip.

However, those same executives want their "bonuses". Excuse me, isn't a bonus a reward for doing more than you are being paid for? Isn't that like being "tipped" for doing a good job?

So, why do we "bonus" people who do a bad job, and then justify it by saying that they can't get any good people to work for a company unless they offer bonuses?

If waiters don't deserve tips then executives don't deserve bonuses because they are boing doing the job they were hired to do.

Well said! It is time our executives had to live like those who work in restaurants, or any other field of work. They have to buy their own medical insurance, yet our leaders have it given to them. With Obamacare, we can be punished if we do not purchase said insurance, but, what about those who are barely making a living, not able to get food stamps, and can barely pay the rent. Is our government going to jail all those who can not get government aid but still don't make enough to purchase their own medical insurance. It is time our leaders have to live like other Americans and not have everything given to them. We based this country on equality and trust! How does that show any sort of equality? It just shows that we can not trust our leaders today! They are out for their own agenda and that is all. It is time we stood up for what is right and get the changes made to stop this, NOW!
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