Thursday, December 01, 2016

december 1 2016

My to do list for Christmas is still just as long as ever, but today I will make an attempt to shorten it. It's only 2 weeks until Ann's graduation, and that just dawned on Ken so now he too is in panic mode.  Then it gets worse, we return from Orlando on the 19th which gives us only 6 days until Christmas. So it's like going from the frying pan into the fire.

I am going to attempt to change the printer ink. Wish me luck.  This printer and I have not gotten along since the day it was purchased. Ann has no trouble but it's very Sue Ann unfriendly.

Sad news again.  A former professor and dorm moderator from my college days, Sister Patrice, CSFN, passed away yesterday. She was 85. I guess at my age I will be hearing more and more about people that I have known in my life dying, but it is still difficult to hear just before a holiday.

I finally figured out why Trump won the election, besides the electoral system which sucks.  It's because critical thinking skills are not taught to our kids in high school, and not even in some colleges.  If we educated our population to think for themselves they wouldn't be lead like a bunch of sheep to believe what they "wanted to hear" but knew was a bunch of hot air. (OK enough silly political discourse for the day)

Enjoy the first day of December, and remember only 24 more days until the After Christtmas sales begin.

Take care,
Sue Ann

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Time to write again

To get my mind off of the situation at hand  have decided to write again.

A mystery? No, I hate mysteries because I always know the end.

Biography?  No, I have secrets I want kept.

Romance.  Since there are only 11 (count 'em, 11) plot variations of a romance novel, and I know them all I'd rather stretch my imagination to another form of writing.

A novel.


Life on earth and why we've fucked it up.

So It may take me some time to put it all on paper, or shall I say, on computer, but it will give me something to do.


My first professional job after college was as a general assignment reporter for a weekly newspaper in Pittsburgh.  This was during the Nixon administration.

What people were never told about Nixon was how he suppressed information by limiting the news that came out of the White House.

He cut the size of the press room.  He limited the papers who could attend his infrequent press conferences and he actually "gave out" questions to be asked at he press conference and assigned specific reporters to ask them.  I know it looked like he was selecting reporters when they raised their hands during a press conference, but it was a ruse.  His selections were predetermined.

What if a "selected" reporter asked more than the question he was permitted to ask?  In other words, if the reporter went "off script?"  Easy, not only was He/his press credentials revoked but the paper or news bureau he represented was barred from all future White House briefings.

Why am I bringing this up? Well let's just say that the new president will most likely do some similar  weeding of the press corps.  Will the public ever find out? Only if someone who is not a journalist leaks the information via social media.  So expect a lot of Fox news and conservative voices coming from the press corps, that is, if the new president even allows press conferences during his term in office.

Monday, November 14, 2016

Americans are stupid

I think after this election we shoud change the name of the country to the "divided States of America."

Thursday, October 13, 2016


Becasue he's a "star" in his own words, Donald Trump can do anything he wants to beautiful women he meets.

So does that mean all stars are also entitled?

Does Sandra Bullock have the right to walk up to Justin Beiber and grab him by his nuts?

Does Meryl Streep have the right to fondle Brad Pitt?

How many times have you heard a woman (as opposed to saying a lady) talk to other women out loud about male anatomical features?

I have heard women like Beyonce say a man is "fine", but not once have I hear her say, "that man has a great ass." 

I have yet to hear a woman say " I'm going to tongue that man when I meet him because I am just drawn to handsome"

Myself, I have admired many a young man's body.  I will say he's got great shoulders, or abs.  But really what women talk about most if the man is handsome and makes her feel like commenting, is his EYES or his HAIR.

Does Donald Trump mention eyes or hair, or even legs?  No.  He mentions pussy and tits.

Does that mean if he (God forbid) is elected President  that he'll feel confident in reaching out to Prince William's wife and grabbing her crotch?  After all, she is a beautiful woman.

Donald Trump is a fat, probably impotent, dirty old man.  I say probably impotent because when men can no longer perform at his age (70) they rely on dirty old man talk and tricks to get their jollies.

Donald Trump is a disgusting old man.

Saturday, October 08, 2016

"dirty old man"

Donald Trump is 70.  Despite the lowering of age ranges to be considered "old" I submit that 70 is OLD.

Donald Trump is a male, that means he's a man.

Donald Trump seems to consider himself a star.  And according to him stars can do anything.  So it is acceptable for him to grab a woman's pussy if she so chooses, and for him to kiss. a woman he considers beautiful.

In my mind this makes him the equal to Bill Cosby,  who preys on young women.

It is not a compliment to be mauled, oggled, lusted after or raped.  It is a crime.

So are we going to elect to the highest office of the United States a man who , although he says he is now ashamed of what he did 10 years ago, still shows signs of being just the same dirty old man now as then?

Wake up America, Donald Trump is just a criminal who hasn't be caught and charged yet.

Monday, October 03, 2016


The only thing I will be thankful for on Thanksgiving day is a plethera of football games and an absence of political rhetoric.

our loss

Ok, so Trump lost millions of dollars and has not paid/will not be paying  taxes for close to 20 years because of it.

How does this make him a good businessman? Explain how losing millions of dollars makes him a good businessman.  I took Economics as a minor in college and I can't figure it out. But then, I understand the ethics behind being a businessman. It's not all about huge profits, at least  it's not supposed to be. It's about growing your business not your wallet.

He then goes on to use MY TAXES (and yours) to finance his business enterprises,using the "corrupt and unfair" tax system to his advantage, and to my/our disadvantage.  And he wants to change the tax code to make it easier on business?  How much easier? Will he supply them with guns with which they can point at customers and remove money from their pockets and purses? 

No wonder the bastard wouldn't release his tax returns.  He's corrupt and immoral.

Is this what he plans to do to the US economy?  Bankrupt us and then take money from foreign powers to finance the US economy?  Who gets to call the shots? Russia?  China? To whom will he owe his loyalty?  The citizens who elect him or the countries who finance him?

If you vote for this man you may as well just hand him all of your money now and avoid the rush.  Then find a good spot under a bridge because he will rob you of everything you own.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

to Mr. Trump, Jr. - liar

Perhaps Mr. Trump has trouble reading a dictionary.  He spoke to the media saying his father started with "nothing."

Nothing, according to a dictionary is defined as "1) no thing; not anything; naught... 2) nonexistence; nothingness... 3) a thing that does not exist... 4) something of little or no value... 5) a naught, zero, cipher..."

I have truncated the entire  definition because it's rather lengthy. (New World Dictionary of the American Language: second college edition copyright 1980)  However the meaning is rather clear.  "nothing" does not mean "something".

So when Mr. Trump Jr. boasts that his father started with nothing it's a lie. His father inherited $2,000,000.00  That's a lot of zeros, but the nothingness of it is negated by the dollar sign and number 2 that precedes it.  That is TWO MILLION DOLLARS which is not nothing.  It's a significant SOMETHING.

Donald Trump is not a self made man.  He's a spoiled man, raised with influence and privilege, who was given a large amount of money by his father.

Donald Trump lies, and his son also lies.  So who can trust anything they say?

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