Friday, March 30, 2018

corporate takeover

It seems to me that the man who is in the White House has no idea how to run a country, but his idea of running a business is to take one that may need tweeking, dismantle it and sell off the component parts for a profit.

That seems to be what he's doing to the USA.

Privatize. he calls it.  Make everything work better by making it all a profit making venture.

Excuse me?

No country was established to make money.  Countries are formed to provide for an protect citizens with a centralized organization that benefits everyone.

But DJT knows nothing about that. All he knows how to do is destroy what works, sell it off and make money.

Unfortunately that is NOT the way to run a government.

Saturday, March 10, 2018


I may sound harsh but here goes.

When I taught school I gave my students plenty of time to prepare for a test.  I told them that the test was coming, sometimes telling them the number of days they had to prepare.  I would tell them what was covered and what MIGHT be included on the test.  It was their responsibility to study and prepare.

If the student did not study ad failed the test I didn't say "oh you poor dear".  I expected them to prepare and if they didn't they suffered the consequences.

Now to my point.

People in the North East knew a storm (or 2) was coming. They were warned of things that "might" be happening: i.e. power outages, flooding, etc.  They were told to prepare.  Those who did not prepare then got caught "unaware"?  I don't think so. They had time to get prepared, to buy food, to buy generators, to do what was necessary to keep the property and themselves safe.

So when they go on line and complain about not having power for 2 days, or not having heat, or food, etc. I have very little sympathy.

We live through 6 months of hurricane season every year, and we are told to prepare. We can't stop the storm but we can do as much as possible to make any damage minimal, so we have shutters for the widows, a generator to keep the power on, and enough food, water and medicine to last at least 5 days, as we are told to do.  It's a hardship at time, but we do it.

So, as far as I am concerned,  for those who complain about the storm hitting only have themselves to blame.

Friday, March 09, 2018


He's got the initials right, but the real slogan is"

Make Americans Gullible Again.

Thursday, March 08, 2018

Don't they get it yet? It's a pattern.

OK so not every one who home schools their kids does it for the same reason. But I find it odd that many people who do are so afraid of immigrants and the teaching of "liberal" ideas that they keep their own kids ignorant of what the big picture is.

Trump doesn't want immigrants because they take jobs from American citizens. Yeah, so how many citizens do you see waiting on line for jobs in the agriculture industry?  How many American citizens are willing to spend 12 hours a day picking fruit and moving from region to region following harvests?  How many are willing to harvest the onions in Texas?  I don't see Americans storming the gates to get those "well paying" jobs.

Why? Maybe because they are low paying.

And I have recently pointed out to someone who has his son home schooled that it is unlikely that the boy will ever get into a good college, or maybe any college.  Will his home schooling provide him with the kind of education that is equal to compete with others educated in the world marketplace? Will home schooled kids be able to do the math to prepare them for jobs in engineering, archectiture, computer technology?  How about having enough science to become doctors?  If we don't prepare our own children to take these kinds of jobs then "immigrants" will be healing our sick and designing our bridges.  You know people from "shit hole" countries who actually went to schools and learned what's necessary to move up in the world.  People from Africa, the Caribbean and other countries where education is still valued.

And what about those home schooled kids? What kind of jobs can they expect? Well, maybe that's how those onions in Texas will be harvested, buy the kids who were educated at home.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Box lunches? Really Donnie...

Ok let me get this straight. You want to replace Food Stamps ( the EBT cards) with boxes of food delivered to recepients?  And what kind of food will be in those boxes?  And just how will this save the country money?

Will there be fresh fruits and vegetables? How about lettuce and tomatoes for salads?

 Will there be eggs and cheese and milk products like fresh milk and yogurt ?

Will there be bread? Rice?  Dried beans? Potatoes? Oatmeal? cold cereal?

Will there be salt, pepper, butter, flour, jelly? How about syrup and waffle mixes, will those be included? Or will you substitute cooking oil and lard for butter?

Will there be baby food?  Will there be low sodium food? Sugar free foods?  Or will all the meats be canned with a high sodium content?  Will the boxes contain canned hams, canned chicken, canned roast beef  and Spam?Will the only fish be canned tuna, salmon and sardines?

Will all packages be the same or will adjuctments be made for people with health issues, like peanut allergies, lactose intolerance, glueten sensitivity?

All that high sodium food will likely cause many medical issues, like high blood pressure .  And because you are dismantling health care and Obamacare the poor will have less access to the health care they need to fix their problems.

As far as I can tell all this does is make poor people more vulnerable and MORE dependent on the government to supply their EVERY need.  So your "final solution" is much more subtle than Hitlers. You take away the safety nets, force the poor to depend on foods that will make them sick and then allow them to die of "natural causes".

Mr. Trump, Aldolph would be proud.

Saturday, February 10, 2018

I can't understand

Can someone explain to me why the Republicans are protecting Donald J. Trump and supporting him even though they realize he is causing this country great harm?

 Who is blackmailing them into support and submission?

Do the Russians really hold that much power that they dictate everything that's shappening?

Is Putin a master manipulator?

I can't fathom the reasoning of a set of individuals who are supposed to be representing the welfare of the citizen of the United States allowing so much deception.

Does someone have a clue?

Wednesday, November 29, 2017


I write in English.

I am not interested in anything anyone posts as a comment to my blog if it's in another language.

If it's not in English I don't read it. I delete it.

Fair warning to those who are posting in Arabic.

Don't do it.

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