Tuesday, March 24, 2015

what now?

On Friday 3/20 I nedded off at the wheel of my car while driving to Orlando on the FL turnpike.

I rear ended a truck. Not an 18 wheeler, a delivery box truck, but still a truck.

I am alive, with bruises from the seat belt and air bag.  The good news is those things worked.

But Why? Why am I not seriously injured?

The reason is unclear to me.  The car is a wreck.

The poor 2013  Kia Soul, my beloved Blizzard" is probably totalled.  It looks terrible.  But I am ok, more or less.

What am I supposed to do now?  What other plans are there for my life?  What's my purpose?

Does anyone have the answer?

I keep asking God, "What's next?" but so far no answer.

What do I do now?

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain.


Do  you get it?


That's Oh My God, and it's become part of the language of the internet. An expression of suprize, and fully accepted as just another phrase.  But is it?

It's as bad as saying "Jesus Christ" when you are exasperated.

It's taking the Lord's name in vain. Literally.

So easy to say, and no one catches you on it because it "doesn't mean anything."  But it does.  Every time you do it you break the second commandment.

And no one notices.

No one thinks it's a big deal.

So how many other commandments aren't a big deal either?

How about "thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's goods"?  Envy.  Jealousy of someone's possessions or house or car or clothes.  Instead of being content with what you have it's "keeping up with the Joneses".  Breaking another commandment that's not a big deal.

How about "thou shalt not kill."  Ok, you haven't killed anyone - ever. But do you support those who do?  Do you support war?  Capital punishment? Abortion?  Do  you deny genocide? Do you make it easy for those who do kill to just shrug it off as a normal part of life?

Think about those 10 commandments, and then think about how you excuse yourself from them every day.  "Remember to keep Holy the Lords Day" Well yeah I do usually go to church, except when it interferes with my getting to the football game in time to tailgate with my buddies.

"I am the Lord your God, you shalt not have strange gods before me."  Yeah, well if I don't get on the golf course before 9 then the day is a total waste.  Or if I don't leave for the beach before traffic gets bad I may as well not make that 2 hour drive. Who is your God?  Golf, the Beach?

Gossip? That's "bearing false witness against your neighbor."  How often do you do that?  It may not be lying, but it's not being truthful all of the time either.

Adultry? Have the hots for someone on TV? Yeah, but you are married and would never get the chance to do it, but you THINK about it, don't you?

"Honor they father and thy mother."  How many times as a teen did you roll your eyes at them behind their back because they were too old fashioned?  Is the eye rolling a sign of respect and honor?

It's Lent.

Examine your conscience.

Be sorry for  the ways you have disobeyed.

Think about it.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Jesus loves EVERYONE

Jesus loves everyone.  And He died to save EVERYONE.  There was no "sign up here if you want to be saved" disclaimer.  EVERYONE.

As one priest told us, He died to save Hitler, Jeffrey Daumer, Genghas Kahn, Ben Laden, Fidel Castro and even you.
  Jesus died for gays and lesbians.
 Jesus died for mass murderers.
 Jesus died for child abusers.
 Jesus died for pedophiles.
 Jesus died for the homeless, for members of the KKK, for Socialists, Communists, and athiests too.

So when some yahoo from some "Christian" church tells you that you aren't saved because you don't "subscribe" to his religion tell him that.  Tell him/her that if he doesn't believe that Jesus died for ALL of us, and that by His death we are ALL saved, then that person isn't a "Christian" because he doesn't beleive in the fundamentals of the faith.

Thursday, February 05, 2015

measles part 2

My family was touched by measles at another time.

When my son was 10 months old he contracted measles.  How did I know?  I knew because the symptoms were the same as with my sister who had atypical measles.

He had a runny nose, fever and a rash but it was confined to only his groin area and under his arms. He also had measles inside his mouth and in his hair.

I called his peditrician and explained to him that my son had measles.  The doctor said at 10 months my son should have still be protected by "mother's immunity".  That is it is thought that  for the first year of their life a child has inherited enough of the mothers immunity to diseases to protect the child.

But to be on the safe side the Dr. told me to bring my son to his house, along with my daughter, to have him checked out and to protect any other children from exposure.  My daughter, who was 4, had already been vaccinated.

So the Dr. had me undress my son and he checked him out.  Then he left the room (he was in his pajamas by the way) and called upstairs to his daughter, who was in medical school at the time.  It was early and I heard her protest being awakened at an ungodly hour of the morning.  Well he told her "get down here, I want you to see what atypical measles looks like."

It seems my son had just enough of my immunity to restrict his exposure.  He didn't have full blown measles, but he did have measles.  Once his rash was gone he went back, after his first birthday,  to the Dr. to have a measles shot, AND once the Dr. checked my daughter's records he noticed she had her immunization two weeks too early!  To be fully effective the shot had to be given AFTER her first birthday, and she had her shot just before the actual birthday.  So he vaccinated her too.

Luckily my son did not suffer the complications that my sister did. But also lucky for him I was an observant child who paid attention to the symptoms my sister had and could recognize them 20 plus years later in my own child.

Even though he had measles, the doctor wanted to make sure he would not be infected yet again.

I can't believe that people think it's their right to let their children suffer from a preventable disease.  I hope their children forgive them.  I can't.

Wednesday, February 04, 2015


Ok, when I was young I had measles twice.  The regular kind and the German measles. Don't know the difference, but apparently there was one.

I had measles and the most I remember is being in bed and having a pair of pajamas that looked like long johns, with a "trap door" in the back.  It didn't bother me much.  But my sister on the other hand, had a typical measles.  She didn't have many "spots" but she did have some "complications".  Some childhood diseases we thought were so benign were not.

Yeah measles comes with complications.  My sister, now in her 60's has a slight hearing loss in one ear.    Still to this day.

So, for all of those ill informed parents who think that not vaccinating their children against this preventable disease I just want to prepare you for the probability that something could go wrong.  Very wrong.  So, are you prepared to have your child suffer the consequences - lifelong consequences - of your decision to NOT protect your child (and the public who comes in touch with your child).

Are you prepared to cause other children to suffer?

Probably not.

So, have your child vaccinated.  If not for your child's sake, then for the sake of others.

Monday, December 01, 2014

It's hard to understand why so many people insist on buying things on Thanksgiving Day.  Aren't they thankful for what they already have?

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

bad behavior of professional athletets

Why are people suprised?

Do they think that pro football players "suddenly" have anger issues?

Do they think that "suddenly" foot ball players show disrespect for women?

Are they NUTS?????

In community leagues, kids are taught to be aggressive.  They are rewarded for it.  And they are coddled so that if they do something wrong they aren't punished, but their behavior is "boys being boys" and swept under the run.

In high school the boys on the football team are BMOC.  They are the jox.  They are praised for their ability to be rough on the field, and so what if they treat girls like crap. Aren't they entitled to let off steam?  Hey, they are the winners, right?  Doesn't that give them some privledges?  After all, the more aggressive they are the more college coaches with look at them and they can possibly get picked for a college team, and get a "free"  education. So why tarnish and spoil their chances by making a big deal about a minor incident of bad behavior, no many how many they are or how often they are repeated.  Just keep it quiet so their record stays clean.  Right?  What does it matter if girls get roughed up, or used, or mistreated.  So the player gets a girl pregnant?  Is that any reason to reprimand him?That has nothing to do with football.  "The girl" knew what she was doing.  If she didn't want to be pregnant she should have used protection.  Or did she get pregnant to snag someone with a bright future?

In college, you know it's tough being on a varsity team.  The "boys" work hard, they train hard.  They are under a lot of pressure to perform, and they have ample opportunity to meet co-eds who find them successful and a status symbol.  The boys are sought after companions.

 And if they have a relationship that isn't "satisfactory" and the player gets a little crude, or verbally abusive?  So what?  The girls get used to being treated badly, they have had plenty of practice through high school,  and if they didn't like it they can leave.  Or can they?  No football player likes being dumped, especially when it could be public knowledge.  So if a girl is not cooperating it's ok to slap her around right?  And if she doesn't "put out" it's not really rape, because after all they expect it, right?

So they are so good on the field that when they get out of college they are on a pro team.  Now the real spotlight is on them.  This is it.  The NFL. The big time.  And how do they feel?  Invincible.  Why should they feel any different when their whole life they have been getting away with bad behavior?  Drinking, drugs, fights what they heck, it's just the way things are.

So what's the solution? suspend a team member for a few games when they do something wrong NOW?  Why?  When all of their lives they haven't been punished or taught how to behave they are suddenly held accountable for their actions?

If the NFL is serious about curbing bad behavior they should start when 8 years put on pads, helmets.  Pop Warner teams should teach not only team spirit and sportsmanship, but civility and appropriate conduct ON and OFF the field. The NFL should make it clear that celebrating good games and good players is more important than rewarding bad behavior.

If colleges were serious about football they would NOT encourage bad behavior, and they would not promote recruiting of good players, but bad men.

If high schools were serious about football they would reinforce what is taught to the boys about teamwork, sportsmanship and school pride and encourage their team too NOT bring shame to their high school by exhibiting bad behavior off the field.

You don't need rage to be a good player.  You don't need cursing, rape, drunkedness or drugs.  You need a willingness to suceed, and a good heart.

If the NFL calls football "Amerioca's game", I feel sorry for America.

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