Friday, May 25, 2018

a question for the NRA

I am tired of being told that guns don't kill people.  If guns don't kill people what is their purpose?

Were guns invented to plow fields, grow crops, clean ovens, Help the poor, cure illnesses, teach the ignorant, churn butter, manufacture shoes, light rooms with electrical energy, power generators, transport people from one place to another? 

No guns were created as weapons of war to KILL and do nothing else.

Of course you can also use a knife to kill, but you can use it to slice bread, shop vegetables, carve statues from wood, make wooden shoes, supply fuel for a fire.  But does a gun have any such alternative use?

Oh yes, you can use the butt of a gun or rifle to beat someone to death, but you can't use it to bat a baseball like you can use a baseball bat to hit a ball or bash in someone's head.  And in a pinch you can use a rifle as a cane when you have injured your foot, or you can use it to splint a broken bone. But would you really have to submit to a background check to use it for that purpose?

The NRA likes to defend itself and gun manufacturers making like guns are harmless.  After all, I have been told they are merely objects and can't harm anyone on their own.  Ok, they are objects - like a chair. A chair can't harm anyone either unless a person picks it up and smashes it into another person's head. But a chair has one use for which it was intended, to be a place to sit.  If not acted upon to do something it was not designed to do it will remain a piece of furniture.  If a gun is not acted upon by a human then what is it's function?

I really would like an answer.  Would someone enlighten me?


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