Tuesday, August 23, 2005

fundies will make the Republicans lose

I wish no harm on Pat Robertson, as a matter of fact I hope he continues to speak his mind (what little there is of it) and tell the world about how the Republicans and Conservatives in America should solve the world problems, and the problems of other countries.

The more that he "preaches" his non-christian Christianity of the moral majority and the Christians who support the Republicans the more mistakes he will make. The more mistakes he will make the more people will look at him and say "Now what the heck is he saying?" The more they listen to it and realize it's a load of manure the less they are likely to believe.

Pat Robertson may be the main reason for an increase in the members of athiests in the United States by they year 2008.

Keep up the good work Pat, speak your mind and let us all know that you are a fundamentalist Christian worthy of the name hypocrite.

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