Sunday, August 21, 2005

living in an oven

When the weather becomes so oppressive all you can think to do is sit in the air conditioning and "relax" I often wonder how pioneers lasted in Florida? I mean it's bad enough when you have someplace to cool off, but without refrigeration and air conditioning how did they do it? Maybe we're just softies in this generation. I don't think 3/4 of us would be here if we didn't have it.

Being a pioneer anywhere was no picnic, but I can't imagine the heat, the sun, the bugs and nothing to relieve you of this for weeks on end. How did the Seminole nation survive the Everglades life? I know if I had to do it I would. And I understand taht if you dont' know any better that you would be able to tolerate the life and the heat, but I do know there are ways to stay cool now and it's amazing that so many people who lived before me survuved without them.

I sound like a spoiled brat. Maybe I am. But for today, I am a cool spoiled brat at least.

Now imagine Florida's pioneers during the 19th century. Guess what they wore? WOOL GARMENTS! Not the thin wool men wear in their suits now-a-days. They wore the thick stuff. Oh and the women wore so many layers od skirts and other garments. Can you imagine our heat and those get ups?
Carlos, I can't imagine this kind of heat naked!
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