Friday, August 26, 2005

Post hurricane Katrina (8/26)

For those interested my family and I are ok.

Katrina was "only a category 1" after all.

The North and East are usually the dirty sides of a storm (wet and with the higher winds), and the West and South are cleaner. However, Katrina did a little dance as she came ashore, and turned left (south). So, with her directional change, the strongest winds became those on the South and West side of the storm.

We got pelted. Hard rain and high winds for hours on end.

I live in an area called Cutler Ridge. It's part of the tv broadcasts they keep showing because it's got a lot of flooding. Not us though, our house is high enough up above sea level to not flood. But places just across the main street nearest us has lots of flooding. That side of the road dips about 6 feet, and that's all it takes to accumulate water. We had lots of rain and lots of wind but only lost some tree limbs. Wind driven rain seeped into the living room, as it pounded our front door. But a few well placed towels took care of it.

We lost power from 8:30 p.m. Thursday until 7:30 a.m. So sleeping was difficult in the closed up house, but we managed.

So we're ok. Now we just wait until we see where Katrina hits next, she's stronger and in the waters of the Gulf of Mexico, which has warm waters that will feed her. She's a Cat.2 already and will probably strengthen to a 4 before she makes landfall again.

Glad to hear no real harm done. We did not get any real rain until 3 am Friday morning. In fact the weather was more windy today than during the "storm". I just want to make it through this season storm free. I never want to stand in another ice/water line or eat another MRE as long as I live last year between the 2 back to back storms we lost power and water for 29 days and phones did not come back on until the end of October. I don't really think the panhandle can take much more I hope they get spared.
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