Wednesday, August 31, 2005

rich people can't cope

Katrina hit us last Thrusday night, nearly a week ago. Trees are down, vegetation debris litters yards still. At least the yards in Pinecrest. One of the "rich" communities.

The Villiage of Pinecrest has the highest number of judges and lawyers than any other municipality in Florida. Houses are in the multi million dollar range and the "slums" of their perfect little villiage are condos or duplex homes that sell for high hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Pinecrest has apparently the laziest people around. They usually have perfectly manicured lawns, because they hire gardners to tend to it. Well, beleive it or not, those gardners have their own homes to tend to first, and then they have a list of people needing their regular work. So they are slowly getting around to the Pinecrest homes.

You would think that people who want perfection on the front law would at least remove the lose palm fronds and small tree branches from the lawn and pile it up to be carted away, now wouldnt' you.? After all the lawn beneath that debris will die won't it? Well here's the kicker, THEY DON'T.

Down here in Culter Ridge, peon land, with us working class slobs laws have been pick up, trees removed, limbs neatly piled on the curb to be hauled awy or people ahve actually (horrors) taken the debris to the dump themselves! Imagine that? People whose homes are about 1/5 the cost of those Pinecrest homes are cleaned up already. Yet those rich folk are standing there on the porches or patios of their fancy homes, marveling at the mess and driving their Mercedes and BMWs and across debris lying across their driveway instead of actually (shock) picking up the debris and moving it.

Which only proves that the meek shall inherit the earth, like the beatitudes say, because the rich will be so busy pointing out the disaster and do nothing about it that they will eventually sucumb to it.

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