Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Robertson again?

So despite the fact that his words were on tape with his face saying them, and no editing done Pat Robertson said his words were taken out of context and he didn't really say the US should kill Hugo Chavez?

Ok. I beleive you. (Why not we beleived Nixon, Regan and "w".)

I believe that you have proven to me two very important things.

You, Mr. Robertson, are a man who does not know the law of God (the silly one that says no killing) and you do not know the laws of the US (the one that specifically prohibits any US president from ordering the murder of the head of state of any foreign country.)

On those two statements alone I base this judgement: Pat Robertson is UNFIT to run for any office in the United States Government, including President (or dog catcher as far as I am concerned.)

TAG you are it! Go check out my blog to see what I mean.

And about Pat Robertson, you are right.
Rosy here, joining the fray. Does anyone still listen to Pat Robertson? Who ARE these people who send him money? I wonder if he will just fade away ....
Pat Robertson is one of the Jim Baker group who founded CBN, the Christian Broadcast Newtork. He has lots of loyal viewers, mostly fundies, who believe that the Christian channel is the only one that gives you the "REAL" truth.

They in my humble opinion are as nuts as he is.
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