Saturday, August 27, 2005

Saturday priorities - Lotto and beer

Ok the hurricane is over. Recovery is under way. Near my home one Burger King and one McDonalds is opened to supply those still without power with something hot to eat. The lines are unbelievable, but at least they are running on generator and meeting the needs of the community at large. After all, two days without power means the food in the fridge is bad and you have nothing to cook on if you're an all electric household.

However I have been to both supermarkets near me, the Publix and the Winn Dixie. They are opened, as is the Mobile gas station near me. Opened, but why? The Mobile has no gas to sell and Publix and Winn Dixie have no perishable products. There is no bread, meat, milk or any dairy product available. Anything that required refrigeration or freezing tempature is gone - trashed because the power went out and it was allowed to melt or go bad. No bread because people bought all they could before the storm hit and there is nothing to replace these items on the shelves yet.

My daughter used to work for Publix, in the old days when she was a student. She said the distribution network will take 2 to 3 days to get everything back on track. Until then there will be no deliveries of anything perishable. That sounds right ECXEPT....

That Mobile station that had no gas and the Publix got BEER delivered right on time. Yep. Even the devistation of a hurricane can't stop Budweizer from making sure all of their customers are well supplied. And the Mobile station has their lottery machine up and running (thank God or I would never have been able to buy the winning ticket!).

So now we know the priorities dont' we? No milk, no bread, no meat, fresh produce - but by God - we'll recover because we have not stopped the supply of beer nor the opportunity to gamble! So whoever said America isn't the greatest country in the world was totally wrong. We have it all covered. We know how to help the huddled masses - the common man - John Q. Public.

Lotto and beer. What more could anyone ask for? (maybe a little real help?)

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