Tuesday, August 16, 2005

stock tips

pssst...hey you...wanna hear a great stock tip?

Peanut butter.

Yeah, that's what I said. Peanut butter.


Well it's not insider information, that's for sure. It's common sense.

I paid $10 this morning to put 3.76 gallons of regular unleaded into my car so I could get to work. $10 used to be just below the full line. Now it's barely to 1/2 a tank. So I used to have more money to spend on eating out at lunchtime. No big fancy restaurant or anything, just away from work and the work crowd. I would do that once a pay period, sometimes twice. So, that was $20 or $30 a month I spent to keep the economy rolling.

Now I put that $20 or $30 into my gas tank to keep OPEC and George W. Bush's oil pals well fed while I eat in the building.

As I said, peanut butter is the coming thing. The stock in peanut butter should be going through the roof soon because I am not the only one who is cutting back on lunch expences. Right now I am still able to afford lunchmeat, but as transportation costs and energy costs rise I will be looking for alternate foods that don't cost an arm and a leg to refrigerate and transport. Lunch meat is perishible. Peanut butter is not.

So, if I wanted to make a killing in the stock market equal to the killing the oil barons are making I have to do it soon. Investing in peanut better may be the wave of the future. Get in now on the ground floor before the prices of it go up too and you're priced right out of the market.

Prof. Michael Froomkin, thank you for your kind acknowledgement of my financial reasoning. If only others, like congressmen and senators would understand thatif you spend money making others rich you become poorer.
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