Thursday, August 18, 2005

sub tropics aren't for sissies

For the second time in two days I have had to go jump into the pool after work. Why? Well see the post from the weekend (8/14) silly, it's HOT. The heat index hasn't been below 100 for days. My potted plants are wilting. My family is drinking bottled water like it was - well - water.

When I get home I would like to exercise, but only someone devoid of usable grey matter would go outdoors and exercise in this heat. So I went to the pool and did some aerobics. The trouble with that is that you get caught up in the water and forget how many reps you are doing. I mean I counted and all that, but the counts become a mantra while you are being lulled into a sense of relaxation by the cool water and the lapping sounds of waves against the pool ledge.

I was doing lunges, and my mind started to drift, and in a stream of consciousness state I just kept listening to the water and counting in my head and doing the lunges, first left then right, left, right, left, right...until I realized I was counting past the 200 mark. 200!! Without even thinking about it I was exercising like crazy. I didn't even feel tired.

Not tired yet.

But by tomorrow morning, and worse yet, tomorrow night, I will be so sore and tired I won't be able to stand. I'll barely be walking without a muscle or two screaming in pain.

So tomorrow, I will be sore - and HOT . What a wonderful combination.

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