Sunday, August 28, 2005

Sunday 8/28

I had always wanted to visit New Orleans, but I doubt if I will ever have the opportunity now.

Katrina is going to slam into the Big Easy and drown her. I pray for the people who live there and anyone else in the path of this monster storm.

New Orleans has some lovely homes, and buildings, none of which are built to withstand a hurricane with the Catagory 5 force of Katrina.

So, if anything survives this devistation will they rebuild it and name it New New Orleans?

I know two other things will come out of this storm. The insurance industry as we know it will be gone, and the gas prices will be over $5 a gallon before the end of Sept. because many of the oil rigs in the Gulf will be destroyed by the force of this storm. An environmental disaster of this magnitude hasn't been seen yet. Katrina may do more to destroy America's infrastructure than any group of terrorists ever could.

God Help us all.

Hey Sue Ann, New Orleans will still be there. It got hit by Andrew in '92 and it was up and running that autumn. It is like Miami, just give a few weeks or a month to for it get back on its feet. New Orleans has gone through several hurricanes over the past four or more hundred years of its exsistence.
Yeah, but never a 4 or 5. Their buildings aren't made like ours. I doubt if their French quarter stuff can handle it.
My money is still on New Orleans. As old as the buildings are, I have more faith in OLD cities like the Big Easy than I do in modern plastic cities like Los Angeles. The original founders of pre-Revolutionary and pre-Civil War cities, had more respect for nature. They tried to fit into the landscape, not force nature to accommadate them.
I'm with krazykat3. There will be damage, but those old French and Spanish structures have been around since the early 1700's or older and been through several storms including Andrew. I'd rather be in one of those old French Quarter buildings than a Miami house built after the 80's (remember the newer homes in South Florida fell apart during Andrew, while the older one survived).
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