Saturday, August 20, 2005

why do we believe it?

Why are we Americans so eager to believe things? We have been so conditioned to beleive what we hear by radio and tv that we just accept new things that soon become the norm. The problem is we have accepted ourselves into obesity.

We accept remote control for our TV, so we don't have to leave out chairs to change a channel. The consequences of that acceptance is less movement, physically, and a lessening attention span mentally. Kids today have no patience for any program that they might actually ahve to watch straight hrough for 30 minutes. No wonder they can't keep their focus on school lessons in a classroom. There is no "remote" to flip the subject off and "subject search" for one they like better.

We are willng to beleive that driving our own car is good, and public transportation is bad. The consequence of which is more air pollution, heavier traffic and a dependency on foreign oil.
We are willing to believe that there are so many bad people out there in the world, waiting to kidnap our children, that we don't allow our children to play in their own neighborhoods, or walk to school. We drive the children even if it's only af ew block, rathter than "risk" their walking. The consequence is they become lazy wanting rides to everyplace, and they get no exercise.

We are willing to beleive that physical education classes are the breeding grounds for bullies, so we dont' allow out kids to play at school. The consequence is that children are fatter than they have ever been and they don't learn to defend themselves from verbal onslaughts. Children don't learn how to be kids, how to resist a pushy individual by banding together so they won't tolerate that kind of behavior. They don't bond into social groups that they have chosen, as opposed to the planned social activities that their parents involve them in after school (if they are lucky).

We are willing to believe that if some is good, then more is better. The hamburger became, regular, medium and large, then medium became the norm and large had to be significantly larger with a catch new name like king sized or super sized. The consequences from those large portion sizes is that one meal contains enough fat and calories to fill the daily food requirement of a linebacker, and our children and teens eat it in one silling and get fatter.


Because we are so lazy we don't question what we are told.

The consequences of that acceptance ? Look to the While House.


I love your ranting Sue Ann! We Americans are so lazy. This is why I am buying a bike as soon as I am back in Grand Rapids (actually they are really small and sluggish for rapids). This way I 1) get extra excersice during those non-snowy months, and 2) save on gas, and 3) stop car wear and tear. Though the challege will be how to not mess up my clothes . . . But hey they do it in Europe, I can do it in the Mid-West.
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