Sunday, August 14, 2005

why is it so darned hot?

If there is no global warming why is everything so hot?

Miami is usually hot in the summer, but never tlike this. It's so hot we don't venture outdoor unless we must.

The heat index in the northeast states has been around 100 for weeks, the midwest is roasting, but there is no global warming.

Well if it's not then what the hell is going on? Are we moving closer to Sol, our sun? Is the ozone layer so thin that we get more heat as well as UV radiation? Or is the earth just in a menopausal phase and having hot flashes?

It's HOT, and I am not amused.

I think it is global menopausal! Back in the 13th century in Europe, found in old monastery documents (especially in reference to wine production), the temperature reached into the high 90’s and into the low hundreds (a heat wave). Then in the 14th century, onward (some say the 19th century) the world cooled down. During one point of this cool down we hit a “Little Ice Age.” Temperatures were cooler but it was too cool for crops in some places, so people went hungry.

Damn I wanted to be cute instead I went into encyclopedia mode.
The 14th century huh? So every 7 centuries or so we get a hot flash?
Yeah, Earth is kind of like a Vulcan. Every seven years they are in heat, but with earth it is every seven centuries.
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