Friday, September 09, 2005

back seat drivers

Don't you just hate it when people who don't know how to drive or don't knowthe directions of where your are driving give you their advise?

Well, hurricane recovery is like that.

The people who don't live in the region and have never experienced any loss due to such storms suddenly have become experts on how things ought to be done. Unfortunately they are the people who have been put in charge of the recovery process from Hurricane Katrina.

Leave it to the Federal Government to put the people with the least knowledge and experience, like Mr. Brown, in charge. Thank God he was found out to be a liar and a fraud and removed from the front lines of this disaster. He is still employed by FEMA though, and I don't think it's fair. If IBM, Dell, Microsoft or Donald Trump found out that a person hired LIED on his resume about prior experience he would be immediately fired. Instead this President, who by the way also knows little about natural disaster recovery, thanks him for a job well done.

Is Mr. Bush so stupid as to think we can't see the truth? Apparently so.

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