Saturday, September 24, 2005

dust conspiracy

For the life of me I can't keep up with dust anymore.

It's everywhere, on the ceiling fans, window ledges, floors, books, furniture - everywehre I look there lies a layer of dust.

I recall in my early married life that dust was under control. How I dont' know, I mean I had my first child just after my first anniversary, and the second 3 years later. I had lots to do, lots to clean, lots of responsibility and the housework did get done.

Now I have grown kids, a job and supposedly free time of my own. So why can't I keep up with the dust? Is the world suffering from a dust invasion? Is dust in Florida worse than Pennsylvania dust? I can't put my finger on why I am now overwhelmed with dust.

Perhaps as I asg dust particles travel at an increased speed, and I can't catch them as easily?

Whatever the reason...I just want it resolved. I want the dust to go away so my house looks relatively clean at least one day a week. Is that too much to ask?

I always wonder where dust comes from? Is dust but the particles of our ceilings, walls, etc deteriating around us? So before I went to Miami this summer I cleaned my apartment. I dusted, vacumed, polished, etc. But when I came back I could write words on my dresser from all the dust. In fact when i wipped the dust off the surfaces they formed bunnies on the floor. Of course i could not sleep until I finished cleaning my apartment that first night back. After the flight and dinner with my friends, I spent the night until the wee hours of the morning cleaning my bachelor pad.

Where does dust come from and why does it love us soooo much?
Where does dust come from?
Haven't you read the Bible, young grasshopper? Haven't you seen the science fiction Solent Green (whith Charleton Heston?) In the bible it says "ashes to ashes dust to dust". So dust is dead people.

And as the final frame of Solent Green says, and I so glibly paraphrase "Dust is People>!!"
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