Sunday, September 11, 2005

Even 9/11 isn't working anymore

Have you noticed that the 4th Anniversary of the terrorist attacks is today? There is coverage, but it's not getting the news it once did, and that's a good thing. President can't stand in front of a memorial with grief stricken relatives and wrap himself in a flag of patriotism urging the country to support his war. Intead, the dead are being respectfully remembered, but it a low key way that allows us to realize that if closure isn't here, it's near enough to be seen.

Mr. Bush can't remove the scabs and open the wound again to suit his purposes. Instead he has to face the devistation his own shortsightedness has caused in New Orleans. He can try for as many of photo ops as he wants, but this time the country isnt' buying it. He can't lay the blame on someone else. Why? Because the people who know they did something wrong on the state and local level ADMIT it, an although people will be angry about that I think they are glad that someone is taking responsibility for their action (or inaction).

Yet the President and his apointees do the photo ops patting each other on the back and saying how great the federal response was. Does Mr. Bush have no sense of reality at all? Does he think we can't tell the difference in a sincere admission of guilt with an apology and a finger pointing "it's not my fault" smarmie smile?

Why do I keep asking questions like that? The answer is always the same. Mores the pity.

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