Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Every watch a little boy apologize?

When your son does something naughty and gets caught, part of his punishment, hopefully, is to make him admit that he was at fault and to apologize. However, if he doesn't really believe he did anything wrong he will not look the person to whom he ows an apologize in the eye. He will fidget and look around, or lower his eyes although his words may sound controlled and sincere but you can tell by his body language that the apology is forced from him.

So, did you watch the President accept responsibility for the post Katrina disaster? Didn't he remind you of that little boy? Don't you wonder who made him apologize? I kept waiting for VP Cheney to be standing off to the side with his arms crossed urging the President on with his "It's my fault and I accept responsibility."

President Bush has to say no more. His body language said it all. He was annoyed and petulant, like the spoiled child he is and I fear always will be.

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