Sunday, September 18, 2005

I don't understand

Why now?

Why only now is the media exposing the emperor who is wearing no clothes?

Why didn't the liberal media have the b*lls to do it forcefully before so that people would understand what they were seeing?

The Republicans always blamed the liberal media for saying things that were untrue about the George W. Bush. But not me. I blame advertising.

Americans have been more inclined to believe what they are told if it's packaged well, even to the point of believing sheer nonsense as long as it has a catchy phrase and a smiling face behind it. We've been spoon feed opinions how how to dress by the fashion advertisers, on how to eat by food suppliers, on how to take care of our health by the pharmacudical industry advertisers, and on how to consume things we don't want or need by almost every other advertiser, like big tobacco, and Walmart.

We only really need food, shelter and clothing. We have been told that we need fast food, 5 bedroom 3 bath homes and designer sneakers. With that kind of ingrained acceptance it's no wonder so many Americans fell for the advertising about George W. Bush. "I will keep you safe?" Safe from what? The terror he made sure every American knew that was around the corner because he TOLD us it was there?

George Bush took the tragedy of those falling twin towers from 9/11 and used it against us.
He exploited the fear he and his advertisers instilled in us all and made many Americans believe that without him we would be subject to a danger worse than we could imagine.

It was all a sham.

We didn't imagine the worst could be a storm - not man made but nature made. Americans expected to be protected, lulled into a sense of security by the catch phrases and jingles that elected George W. Bush to a second term.

Some of the media tried to point it all out before the election, unfortunately no one followed through, because people wanted to believe that there was some kind of magic that he possessed to keep the America they love safe. No one semed to be listening to what was behind the slogans.

I listened. I fought hard against George W. Bush's campaign of fear and his slick smarmey smile. I read the articles and saw what he really was - naked in front of the world.

I am not the smartest person alive. I know that. What I don't understand is that if I am not all that smart and I got it, why didn't everyone else?

The ability to develop independent thought is no longer a criteria to get your high school diploma, let alone a college degree.As long as I get mine before you get yours, then I am a success and you are not. Best to let self proclaimed evangilists announce that the head of a foreign country should be killed and go along with it, than to challenege him. If you go along with him, you can clasp your hands and claim to be devout, if you challenge him, then you might need to challenge everything else that has come out of his mouth and maybe learn that your beliefs are just a rubber stamp for someone else to get rich.
I understand that Americans are so apathetic that they,for the most part, do not vote. I understand that greed for money and power is what drives the present administration. Unlike our ancestors who struggled to survive here and in other countries before they came here,Americans think that the world community owes them something. One person and one vote added to all the other one votes can add up to a force to be reckoned with.
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