Wednesday, September 28, 2005


So why does it take so much longer to make a rich man who is politically connected to be indicted for breaking the law than it does for a poor man with no connections?

Why could the people essentially fire Spiro Agnew from the office of Vice President and yet we allow all kinds of" rule bending" and manipulation of the law by our own legislature to go on?

Just because a man doesn't admit guilt does not mean he is not guilty. It may mean he is in denial, or he's just a liar thinking that if he doesn't admit a mistake he can't be blamed for it.

Since when did the word "intelligent design" enter the vocabulary of the politician to mean "I am too smart to admit to anything so I'll create my own story and people will believe it because if they were stupid enough to believe my campaign promises they'll believe anything"?

I hope the Tom DeLay indictment is the first step in getting the country back to requiring all politicians to show honesty, ethical behavior and responsibility for their actions. I hope that the truth will out at last.

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