Monday, September 05, 2005

madder and madder

On Wednesday 4 private jet ambulances left Miami to respond to the direct pleas of 4 New Orleans Hospitals that had requested help transporting ventilator patients from the evacuation area.

The jets landed in NO and waited 7 hours on the tarmac then were REFUSED and turned back by the National Guard. No patients were transported. The planes next went to Baton Rouge and picked up whomever they could.

A Florida man who spent his own money to buy 150 flatboats to help with the evacuation was REFUSED again by the National Guard. The would not allow him to give the boats to aid the rescue efforts. He turned back and gave them out in MIssissippi which isn't as flood damaged.

Food being shipped to the area is also being turned back. Caravans of individuals can't donate food. If it's not done through the proper channels of some "approved" religious organization you can't help. I guess only fundamentalist Christian's know how to pack boxes of food for distribution and give out bottled water that they bought in the same Wal-Mart, BJ's or K-Mart as the "unchurched". Apparently if you haven't taken the plunge and accepted the Bush administration version of God as your personal Savior you can do no good for anyone.
It sure looks like if you are not a fundie they won't let you do anything to help.

Now the idiot in chief wants Roberts to be the Chief Justice of the Supreme (Being) Court? Now is his chance to make the world a better place for neocons everywhere. Bush can rule the world even after he's booted out of office because he will have set up a control of the courts. And the Conservative Republican's with their less government intervention means less government help but more government control of your life situation will have won. So even if Bush is being bashed for his non-responsiveness to the Hurricane it's playing into his plans. The hurricane was obviously a "sign from God" that Bush is on the right track because God gave him the opportunity to screw us all again by setting up his own private judgement seat right here on earth for the non-believers.

People are so enraged at W's inability to lead, and so focused on the Survivors of Katrina that Bush is quietly behind the scenes doing exactly what he wants to do, and people are too busy to stop him. George W. Bush makes me ashamed to be an American. He makes Warren G. Harding look like a good president.

I sincerely hope you are all on the same page as me and write to your congressmen that Roberts was not suitable for the Supreme Court as an associate and he certainly is NOT a suitable candidate as a Chief Justice.

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The orders to send back aid was given by the Governor. She felt if water and other aid were given then the people would be less inclined to evacuate. National Guard Units are under the Governors command. Please provide a link to the aid turned back that you report in your post. I've no doubt it happened but if I'm to post it on my blog I need sources. Thank you, you may be getting a trackback ping from my Llano Estacado blog on the After Action Report on the resonse.
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