Thursday, September 22, 2005

Math is a lie

When I hear people talk about math as if it's the only real science I laugh.

Math a science? Math finite? Oh come on.

I watched a tv show last night on Discovery Science. The program was talking about the theory of everything, and the beginning of our universe. At first physicists thought that string theory was the answer to that to our universe begin. But it turns out to NOT be true. Instead they now think the answer is M theory "or membrain theory."

I won't go into it but I will tell you that to get to this new "M" theory was thought up when thee math guys were on a train on the way to see a play in London. They were making up stuff, you know just as if they were writing a science fiction story. Then they decide after an hour on the train that what they made up was right they went to the play.

So on the basis of some fantasy they have decided that they found the secret of the universe.

Heck, if they wanted an answer to how the universe began (big bang caused by a collision of membrains that are part of the 11 dimensions, whch now proved that Time existed before the big bang) I could have made that stuff up on my own. But because the guys who did have PhD's in physics and did some mumbo jumbo with x's y's and math junk it's now thought to be proven.
So all that finite stuff they keep telling you math is turns out to be nothing more than some story that 3 guys on a train just made up. Somehow that doesn't seem very finite to me.

And in the long run why bother? Creationists won't believe it anyhow.

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