Sunday, September 04, 2005

The Supreme (Being) Court

Now that Reinquest has died and the focus on the nation is on the Katrina recovery and bungling of the US government I can see "W" wringing his hands with glee because he can push through the "fundie" nominations for the Supreme Court he's always wanted.

Why hide the real intent of these nominations? It's not to balance the court, or to bring the courts views in line with the democratically constructed ideals of the constitution, it's to create a state based on the fundamentalist principles of the only religion that counts in America - The white bread Anglo Saxon Protestant Christian religion that is the only sure means of getting to heaven (so they say).

I wonder if God knows about this, and what's He is going to do when the current leaders get to heaven's gates and demand that non-believers be cast into hell? I wonder what the current leaders will do when they find out that they are not and never have been the "spokesperson" for the Supreme Being?

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