Sunday, October 02, 2005

Citizens Insurance Company is a cheat

Windstorm damage to homes in FL is no longer covered by the homeowners insurance policy. Windstorm coverage is a separate policy and the only one in the state that sells it is Citizens, which is the state backed company.

Citizens is also a Texas company.

Before Katrina and Rita the 2 hurricanes that destroyed New Orleans and other Gulf Coast States got to them they passed over us in FL, as minimal hurricanes or tropical storms, but still able to cause roof damage. Those who have tried to make a claim against their Citizens policies are being "denied". Ceilings are damaged, water pours into homes after even a small amount of rain falls, and the adjustors from Citizens tell the policy/home owners that there is nothing wrong.

When they are challanged by roofing contractors about the damages and given cost estimates for the repair of the roof citizen adjustors tell them that the cost of repair is about 1/10 the actual cost. Contractors and homeowners are being told "That's not what we pay for roof repair in Texas."

Excuse me? What does the cost of a repair in one state have to do with the cost of repair in another? Why if they house is filled with water when it rains but the exterior of the roof "looks" good on a visual inspection is the claim denied?

Who is using the money that was paid into Citizens? Why pay for insurance if you can't collect on your policy when you need it? It seems unfair - no more than that - it seems criminal.

One person whose claim was denied has told me that Citizens executives are crooks who take the cash and then let the people suffer. I beleive it. It seems to be the way things are done in Texas, and Tallahassee and even Washington DC.

Coincidence? I think not. Just look to the people in charge of FL and our nation and then look at their background. Aren't they both originally from Texas? Jeb set Citizens up to be the only windstorm provider and "W' never believes the evidence even if it's right in front of him and he does NOT like to be contradicted.

As I said...coincidence? I think not.

Sue, What a scam. People would be better off saving the insurance money and then spending it on their roofs. What goes round comes round and I want to be there when Jeb et, al get theirs.
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