Sunday, October 16, 2005


I think I figured out why some people are show shallow.

I think we have an inate urge to worry. Yeah, worry.

If you have no food, shelter or clothing and you have to find some to survive you are anxious and worry. Cave men did it, storm survivors do it, poor people who can't pay their bills and buy food or have any vision of how to make it through the next day do it.

Those for whom there is no need to worry - those who have food , shelter, clothing and hope don't worry about things that have already been provided for them. However, they have a need to feel unsatisified and anxious about something. So they become anxious about social faux paus, about the wrong clothes worn in the wrong season. They worry about how to eat at a table using the correct fork. They worry about mathing shoes and handbags. They worry about the right tie, or club, or car.

Me? I worry that in America worrying about "stuff" seems to be more prevlanent than worrying about survival. What does that say about us?

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