Friday, November 04, 2005


I guess I should detail the damages incurred by Wilma.

It's relatively minor by some standards. After your house is destroyed by a category 5 (hurricane Andrew in 1992) anything else seems minor.

We lost 30% of the shingles on the roof and have some small leaks in the den and master bedroom. The roofer gave us an estimate of $8400. FEMA is supplying us with a roof tarp, the man came to inspect the damage and verify that we qualify (We'd better qualify after I got up at 6:30 to go stand in a que for 2 and a half hours just to fill out some paper and to sign a form!)

The tree out back. damaged by Katrina earlier this season, completely came down and took out our power, phone and cable lines. The power came on for the neighbors on the 25th at 3 a.m. but because our line was damaged we didn't have power restored until yesterday. We had to run on generator power.

The screens in the pool screen enclosure are all gone. The structure remains, but the screens shredded or blew away.

As I said, all relatively minor things.

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