Friday, November 04, 2005

excuses excuses

So a hurricane hits South Florida. One huge hurricane taking out millions of homes leaving them powerless - leaving people to fend for themselves. But life does go on, at least for some of us. Others like to wallow in their own conceived personal misery hoping for a sympathetic ear. Well there is no sympathy here. One of my co-workers is a prime example, all she can do it complain about how bad her life is how how terrible she is suffering from the ravages of the storm.

"I had to stand in line for ice." Well honey, so did half of Miami especially those to stupid or too lazy to prepare properly.

"The traffic was so bad I couldn't drive to work." Oh please, like the rest of us had no troubles with downed street lights and traffic signals? So she didn't show up for work, and now she expects sympathy for her plight - oh boo hoo hoo.

"I had to dip into my savings and now I have very little." Oh well that's because the rest of us all won the lottery and don't have to worry about money. Actually, the rest of us had to rely on plastic to get us through, so we are sans savings AND we'll be paying interest on what we did need to buy.

"I had no power for days." Yeah, well sweetie, I just got mine back yesterday, and had to pay $40 a day to run a loud annoying generator for 10 days.

Guess what? It's not all just about YOU.

Some people just don't like to cope. And for them I have one thing to say, "Get over it."

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