Monday, November 07, 2005

Monday 11/7/05 PTSD

Post traumatic stress disorder. We all have it post Wilma. No one wants to work, we are all just going through the motions. It's hard to concentrate, hard to focus, hard to keep going.

FEMA came on Friday afternoon and put the blue tarp on my roof. Estimates of the damage haven't been inspected by the insurer's adjustor yet. The estimated time to have things repaired, with the paperwork interruptions, etc. is about a year. So that blue tarp may be the only thing that is keeping my roof dry for a while and stopping any further damage.

I am so tired. Stress has triggered arthritis flare ups. Tylenol isn't touching the aches. You don't have to have severe physical damage to your home and surroundsing to feel a great sense of loss

The air in Miami hangs heavy with debris dirt, there is a cloud over the city, I saw it from Key Biscayne as I approached over the causeway last Thrusday. Consequences of that dirty air: sinus infections, respiratory problems, headaches.

Things are returning to normal, but physologically we aren't coping as we should.

At work today 3 of us all started talking about the feeling of diassociation with life. One woman thanked us for bringing it out into the open because she thought she was the only one feeling that way. Maybe blogging, and talking things out are the best ways to recover.

Maybe I will feel better soon.

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