Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Nov. 1, 2005 - Post Wilma

November 1, 2005 post Wilma

Some people will ignore every warning that there is because things "can't happen to them" and then do nothing but complain that they weren't prepared when it does.

I can understand the confusion people feel after a storm, but I can't understand it when they say "We didn't know it would happen." I'm sorry, the stupid TV was tracking this hurricane for more than 7 days. You couldn't escape the news stations and weather updates. Time after time the warnings were repeated. Time after time the forecasters were reminding us to fill the tank with gas and prepare for a storm.

Get water, have a cooler with ice ready, shutter your windows, bring in debris from the yard and patio. etc., etc., etc. But many didn't listen.

Now they go on TV and cry about not having water and lights.

I just look at these people and think to myself how do they think the rest of the world lives? Do they think people in 3rd world countries have water and lights? For us it is a temporary inconvience, but for those who never had it it's a way of life.

Despite the rhetoric to the contrary you won't "die" without electrical power, you just learn to make do with what you do have. A majority of the people in the world don't have running water. They go fetch it from a lake, river, stream, well or some other body of water. So people after Wilma are annoyed that there is no HOT water for showers. But there is clean usable water in the tap. If they want it hot they can actually use a bar-b-que grill and heat a pot or two, it's a little more effort but they fail to realize they actually HAVE the means to make it happen.

Recovering from a hurricane makes one realize how much we take for granted, and even in the worst of times, how little we really have to complain about.

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