Thursday, November 17, 2005

Thursday 11/17


That's what Thanksgiving is now. It's supposed to be giving Thanks for a good harvest and the foods that have come through the work of human hands and the grace of God. So that should mean some meat, some cheese, some bread and some vegetables. That would be "enough" to be thankful for.

Well at work today we celebrated a birthday party/Thanksgiving at a luncheon with a bring your own flair. The library administration bought the turkey and the staff all brought one dish each from home to share. With 24 participants it meant a LOT of food. We had so much there is enough for leftovers for tomorrow to feed us all again. Turkey, ham, chili (both veggie and carne) fresh fruits, salads, vegetable casseroles, cranberry sauces, potatoes, sweet potatoes, cheeses, pies, cookies, donuts, cakes,sweet breads, juices, ice tea, coffee.


We have so much we can't even think of being thankful for a little bit. We always worry if it's "enough", yet what we have is so much more than we need.

I sometimes wonder if we can really mean "thank you" when we don't see what it is we truely have. Sometimes, I envy those who have so little at times that they know the true meaning of thanks.

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