Thursday, December 15, 2005


Think of all the bad words you know. Think them really really hard because as you think them I am probably saying them.

Due to an human error/scheduling error/coding error the Doppler test on my leg was not done today.

I was scheduled for an EKG Doppler not a lower left extrimity Doppler.

So now I have to go in to another facility tomorrow at 8:00 to get it done.

In the meanwhile my leg hurts because I've been up and on it too much this morning and the knee brace I wore to lessen the pain in my leg has rubbed me to the point of giving me a blister on my leg so I can't wear it.


How did it go today?
Doppler was done today.

No clot.

Probably cause of leg pain and limping is tendonitis.

Solution is taking anti-inflamatory stuff and stay off the leg (like that's going to happen 9 days before Christmas, right?)
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