Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Cats and Christmas trees

We have 3 cats living here at home. Two are mine, and they are old men in their late teens so they don't do much but eat sleep and poop.

My daughter's cat, however is a youngster of about 8, and he was an escaped house pet who live outside for about 2 years on his own, so he is used to hunting.

Now that is normally not a problem, but at Christmas it is.

He likes to roam the house at night stalking things like lizzards, and the occasional palmetto bug. But with the arrival of a Christmas tree? Well, that's stalking heaven.

At first he removed any ornaments that resembled a mouse or bird. We had a very nice conversation about that and I moved the ornaments in question away from his reach. Then he found the plaid stuffed teddy bear ornament and brought it to Annie's room, quite proud of himself for finding such a rare creature.

Well, I tried to talk to him and tell him (Fred is his name by the way) that the teddy bear belongs to me and stays on the tree.

Apparently this does not compute with the little stalker kitty brain. He insists on removing it every night and taking it to Annie's room.

So I have called a truce.

I remove the ornament from Annie's room and place it under the tree every evening and every morning he carries it back to her room.

At least that way he leave the rest of the tree alone.

I'm just suprised he hasn't tried to decapitate it yet.

Oh he sounds like me!

At least his tail does not knot ornaments off your tree like Connor.
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