Saturday, December 31, 2005

End of 2005

So here we are.

The end of another year.

I guess it's no better or worse than others that have gone before it.

There is still no Peace on Earth.

Children still starve to death because of the inefficent distribution of resourses.

Politicians still lie and cheat and steal.

Religions still claim they are for the truth and the salvation of souls while they still withold truth and condemn those who do not accept their established rhetoric.

Zeta the last named tropical storm of 2005 but on the plus side is not going to hurt anyone.

The sun still rises and set with regularity and it shines upon us allowing us to live.

The air is not methane yet, and the polar ice caps haven't melted totally.

We can still drink the water.

I'm still employed. I'm not a millionaire, but I'm not destitute yet either.

There is a pot of homemade split pea with ham soup on the stove simmering so we won't be hungry tonight.

Family is coming to dinner tomorrow to help celebrate the New Year.

We an still worship as we chose in this country, or not worship as we chose to do so.

I'm not terminally ill, as far as I know.

So as I said, this year has been no better and no worse.

But maybe next year we can make some improvements, huh?

Happy 2006 to everyone.

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