Saturday, December 31, 2005


As the year winds down I wonder a bit.

Why is it ok for big companies/retailers to make the lowliest workers pass tests on ethics and honesty to be hired at minimum wage jobs when the CEO's and other executives are the ones mostly likely to steal large sums of money from the company treasury?

When politicians lie why do they get mad at the press and at US for uncovering the truth?

Why are the people with the most money those least likely to give to those who need?

What ever happened to the term I learned back in the 1960's in economics, "reinvesting profits?" Now no one want to put money back into development.

And why now does everyone EXPECT stocks to pay a dividend on investments? Isn't buying stock like gambling/betting. It isn't always going to be a winner. Sometime someone has to lose.

Why doesn't our government - on local, state, county, country level take care of the infrastructure of the country?

Why is it more important to pass a standardized test then to learn how to read, write and think critically?

Why does sending people off to warto be killed justify those who were killed before? I don't get that reasoning.

Does anyone know?

Does anyone care?

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