Tuesday, December 20, 2005

speeches and other nonsense

Is he for real?

First he says he is not a dictator and that the renewal of the Patriot Act will keep us from having a dictatorship, then he tells us he has "authority" to do things like spy on American citizens without going to court to get a warrant. He has the right? Where? Who gave it to him? Did he give it to himself because he is not only president of the US but also the supreme ruler of everything and not subject to the laws of mortal men?

Excuse me?

Doesn't this sound like a new version of the old Nixon line "I am not a crook."?

How much more manure can this man shovel and expect the people to believe it's oatmeal and just eat it all up?

Lord forgive me for my sin (of blasphemy for thinking he's not God's messanger on earth)in advance, but the man needs to be removed from office before he destroys us all.

I wrote to both FL senators telling them that they should vote to NOT renew the Patriot Act provisions because the American people need more protection FROM the current administration than we do from the supposed threats of suspected terrorists.

I once saw a bumper sticker that said "Vote for Valdemort". They should make a new bumper sticker up.

Valdemort IS president.

More's the pity.

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