Thursday, January 19, 2006

again and again

Bush has a bad bout with the polls. The Patriot Act is in trouble. His picks for the Supreme Court aren't rubber stamped and then...Ben Laden suddenly appears with another *credible* terror threat, verified by the CIA that it's definately his voice.

Ben Laden says plans are in the works for another attack on America. Cheney says that it's no coincidence that no terrorists activity has occured since 9/11 (credits the Patriot Act, increased survilance, Homeland Security etc,. etc.) The White House spokesman says that Ben Laden is weak because he offers a truce, and we all know thatwe don't negotiate with terrorists because America is strong.

Amazing how the news shifts from the confirmation of Alito to the Supreme Court just as the votes are to be tallied, isn't it?

There's something wrong with this picture, and if you can't see that then you must be Republican.

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